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2021 Game 36: A’s @ Twins

There's this running gag that I've got with the guy who owns the grocery store in town that if I see him that day it means the Twins will lose. Well, when I'm done writing this I'm heading to the store so...

Anyway, Matt Shoemaker will pitch against the A's who are tied for the AL's best record. Frankie Montas is going for Oakland. I'm planning to mow the lawn and maybe will peek in occassionally at the score until I get completely disheartened. Lucky for me the grocery store closes early, and I can't drown my Twins'-loss sorrows in a pint of ice cream (unless I plan ahead, which I clearly never do).

2021 Game 31: Twins at Tigers

Well thank goodness we're done with those dominant Rangers, and can move on to the Tigers in our battle for last place. Lucky for the Twins, they're pitching Matt Shoemaker, so that should give them a great advantage in losing ground to the Tigers.

I'm having trouble thinking of anything to write that isn't even more negative than that opening paragraph, so maybe we'll just let this sit here for bit...

Go Twins!

2021 Game 24: Royals at Twins – Mirror Images

The Twins are 8-15. The Royals are 15 - 8. The Twins were expected to dominate most teams. The Royals were not. The Twins have stars and players you have heard of. The Royals have... I suppose a 25 man roster?

The last few years it has seemed like the Royals played the Twins harder than most teams. Even when they were winning, the Twins really had to work for it. Let's hope this year reverses that trend too, with dominant Twins wins.

For the Twins Pineda will be taking the hill, looking to bounce back from a rough outing last time, but still sporting some excellent numbers overall. Brady Singer will be pitching for the Royals. Keeping up the mirror theme, he had his best outing of the season last time (though he hasn't been a slouch overall), so hopefully he also bounces back to serve up a ton of dingers this game.

Parentgood: The Talk

Aquinas is in 5th grade. We had a version of The Talk with him a year or two ago, when there were rumblings of kids in nearby grades making certain comments and references and the like. It was clear at the time that it might have been a bit premature for him, but I'd definitely rather that than he hears about it too late from us.

Today his school had their "Your Changing Body" presentation, or whatever they called it. Parents were invited (this is a private school). I felt it was important to attend. I was the only parent there. The materials presented were pretty watered down, but that's probably okay for a 5th grader. They highly encouraged students to talk to their parents. That seemed good. Maybe more importantly, for me at least, the materials also talked a little bit about values - being empathetic to others going through things, understanding mental health as a part of development, having patience, etc. - and I was quite pleased, though I think extended conversation would have been good.

That's what the parents are for, I suppose. So not having other parents there left me feeling a bit worried. I want other parents talking about this stuff with their kids. That's going to help my kid get through it, just as much as theirs, right?

Anyway, this seemed like something worth chatting about on this site.

How have you all handled this subject? What are your experiences? How can we be better about this stuff for our kids?

2021 Game 18: 3.14-rats at Twins

Sano is on the IL. Various other players are still dealing with Covid stuffs. We're all frustrated at the way this team has played.

One of the more demoralizing aspects, for me at least, is it feels like the Twins don't exactly have a brilliant minor league system. Maybe it has some depth, but it seems like it is lacking that bonafide gonna be a star player. For a while that was supposed to be Gordon, and, honestly, I'm hoping the kid surprises and sees a lot of success in the bigs. I feel like Kiriloff will be a reliable player, so that makes Gordon the bonus call up here. Maybe we'll get a nice surprise.

Meanwhile, keep watching this Buxton fella, would you? He seems like he might be talented.

Pitchers tonight are J.A. Happ and JT Brubaker, and I guess the two of them might need to have a conversation about punctuating intitials.

Let's hope the Twins put their complete game together after the road trip and off day and covid disasters and injuries and general ineptitude.

FMD 4/23/21 – Ska is back, baby!

Or maybe it never went anywhere? Because apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who release a new album in May, have been putting out music for a long, long while.

That said, I happened across a few of their new tunes, and I'm seriously enjoying them.

I listened to a decent amount of 3rd wave Ska in highschool. Sometimes I'm just happy and angry at the same time, okay? Isn't that what ska is supposed to be? Like a happy version of punk? So yesterday when I walked home from work, in my lawyer clothes, with my briefcase, in my small white-picket-fence town, I had the new Bosstones pounding in my earbuds, and frankly, it felt damn good.

Anyway, the topic for today is ska. I have the feeling I'm going to be told I'm wrong to enjoy the 3rd wave stuff...

2021 Game 14: Twins vs. Angels of Some Multiple Locations

Your Minnesota Twins are back on the road tonight, opening their much-needed (apparently) road trip in California. Lewis Thorpe will be pitching for the Twins against Andrew Heaney for LA, and I really don't know what to expect. Some health might really help this team. Some reasonable bullpen performances would be great too.

Game time is 8:38. So watch the first 5 innings and go to bed before the bullpen blows the lead, because you should get some good sleep and you don't want to see that anyway.

Sorry, it's hard not to be a cynic right now, even after that walkoff win.

FMD 4/9/21: Disappointing Covers

I was perusing youtube for some new music last night and came across a cover of a song I like ("To Love Somebody") by an artist I enjoy (Jade Bird), and thought, "alright, this should be great!"

It was not.

Anyway, I don't recall us talking about disappointing covers before, and also we haven't had a FMD post for a bit, and so here's a thing for today.

Edited to add: apparently there's a "bad covers" tag and a "covers played so much worse" tag, so maybe we have done this before. I'll check it out later. I'm not undoing all this great writing I've done in this post so far, just because it might have been wrong. That would be way too fully baked.

FMD: Feeling Cold

In this deep freeze of winter, what music acts that work for lots of people just leave you feeling cold? Like, you don't necessarily hate them, but you really don't understand the appeal?

I realize this is a conversation that might get a bit heated, but that could be appreciated on a frigid day like today, right?

For me, especially on this site, it's gotta be Drive By Truckers. Sorry, gang. There are others too, but that one definitely comes to mind.

What's yours, and why am I wrong?