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2023 Game 148: Twins at White Sox – Trending Up

Listening to the radio broadcast last night, Gladden made it perfectly clear that this was a White Sox team that would happily give the game away if the other team stayed close. Sure enough, a small lead turned into a laughable lead late. Will this trend repeat itself tonight? Hopefully!

Bailey Ober goes against the 1-8 Jesse Scholtens. It seems like usually the assbats come out against guys like Scholtens, so hopefully that is a trend that isn't repeated.

2023 Game 141: Mets at Minnesota

I appreciate what the more balanced schedule offers, but sometimes it leads to these really weird series that just feel like exhibitions. Especially late in the year, with a contending team, just coming off of a series against their closest rival... that feels weird.

Also, Dalls Keuchel is pitching, and that also feels weird. Kodai Senga pitches for the Mets.

2023 Game 135: Friday Night Lights – Twins at Texas

In a rematch of the one game Texas took last week, Max Scherzer pitches against Joe Ryan. I think this was the game Texas won. I can't be bothered to double check.

With the moves Cleveland made to bolster their pitching, the season seems to have taken on a bit of a desperate tone. Starting a big series against the 1st 2nd 3rd place Rangers, with Scherzer on the mound, makes it all feel even more dire. This is the fun baseball - the games that seem to really count. A win tonight would feel huge.

And maybe that's what this year's team has really been about - the feelings. They go through stretches that feel way more brutal than they actual are. They go through stretches that feel way more amazing then they actual are. The feelings on this team are ratched up to 11, somehow. It strikes me as way different than a lot of the past iterations.

And I'm kind of good with it. At least, that's how I feel right now.

2023 Game 111: AZ at MN; Celebrate Good Times

Come on!

This weekend the Minnesota Twins will be inducting Joe Mauer into the Twins Hall of Fame, and the celebration starts tonight with some stuff, I assume. The induction happens on Saturday (and I'll be at the game!). So this weekend isn't so much about the 1st place* Twins, as it is about one of the best catchers to ever play the game. And we get to claim him. So that's fun.

Tonight Merrill Kelly pitches against Bailey Ober. Who wishes Joe Mauer was catching him.

2023 Game 92: Twins at Las Vegas Oakland

The second half starts now. Except for the part of it that started earlier. It's worth pointing out that the Twins have the easiest schedule in baseball in the 2nd half, so hopefully they can make the most of that.

Just a game under .500, it feels like this team has so much more potential. Will their fire their hitting coach? Will they make a big trade? Will they find out that the power of friendship was inside them all along? Tune in and find out!