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WGOM Fitness: Happy, But Not Satisfied

We haven't had a dedicated fitness post in a while, so I thought I'd kick one off.

I'd mentioned a while back that I've made some progress in the weight loss category. On January 4th I weighed in at (a holiday-inflated, late-in-the-day inflated) 236. That was the highest I've ever been. This morning I weighed in at 206. The weight loss has been pretty consistent - about a pound a week, sometimes less, sometimes a little more (30 lbs over 24 weeks - that math works out).

The thing is, it has really only been small changes that have paid off. A quick list of some of those changes/factors that contributed:

1. I have essentially given up pop.
2. I had Covid (lost a few extra pounds that week, post-covid parsomia contributes to not wanting to eat so much).
3. Far less snacking at night. I'm not quite doing intermittent fasting, but I suppose it is structurally similar. A little bit of leeway with myself keeps it from feeling oppressive.
4. Lunches from home. I've often gone through spells where I don't plan ahead and/or go home for lunch, and that often leads to eating something from the gas station kitchen, or one of the few restaurants in town, or stopping at the grocery store and grabbing something microwavable. Philosofette has been at home over the past 6 months, and that's enabled a lot more attention to my lunchtime diet.
5. Finding small activity. More walks. I took Aquinas kayaking a few weeks ago. I started a small amount of lifting 2 times a week. I'm making sure I'm playing ball or tossing around the frisbee with my kids more often. Etc. Just finding little things, instead of feeling like I need to go for a run.

Ultimately, turning 40 was a really good motivator for me. I knew that was coming up, so I had a good goal in mind and I was able to stick with it. Then, I quickly set another goal and I'm working towards that. Keeping the goals at the forefront has been what has enabled the other changes.

I genuinely don't remember the last time my weight was this low. Probably at least 10 years - I think I came out of law school over 200 (law school was very unkind to me weight-wise). But even though I weighed about the same 10 years ago, I know that weight sat a lot better - it was more muscle, less fat - so I'm aware of how much further I have to go. Essentially, I'm happy, but not satisfied. Because, when it really comes down to it, I think the goal-setting has been as important as anything else.

2021 Game 63: Astros at Twins: Getting Ober the Hump

Bailey Ober, who I just learned about, pitches for the Twins in place of Matt Shoemaker. This is a good decision, even if Bailey Ober is completely awful, because Matt Shoemaker was beyond completely awful.

The Astros remain a strong team, and are pitching Jose Urquiday, who has been pretty good (except for his last start).

Riding the high of walking off the Yankees, let's see if the Twins can keep themselves rolling.

2021 Game 57: Twins at Royals

Seems like when I'm down on the Twins in these gamelogs they play better, and when I'm optimistic both they and the Wild are awful. I'm starting to suspect that what I write here doesn't actually have an impact on the game, but just in case... Twins were doing good for a while then decided to go right back to blowing it. Against bad teams even. So wee!

Tonight Matt Shoemaker pitches against Brad Keller. That doesn't inspire a whole lot, despite Keller's not being particularly great. So we'll see what they manage tonight. At least the fountain should look good.

2021 Game 50: Royals @ Twins – Heading The Right Direction

It seems the Twins have maybe finally figured a few things out. Or at least took advantage of playing awful teams. Luckily, the KC Royals have dropped a bunch and are down under .500, so maybe the Twins can keep that going.

I think the general consensus has been that this a super talented Twins squad, just playing poorly. And maybe they'll go back to playing poorly, but somewhere along the way it feels like they've gotten their heads on straight and are giving the game a bit more focus and effort.

Tonight Randy Dobnak - who showed us last time that he is definitely a starter and not a reliever - goes for the Twins, against Kris Bubic.

We're hoping for another one of those Multiple MN Sports Teams Win Nights - the Anti-Free, as it were. Go Twins and Wild and Lynx and Saints!

2021 Game 36: A’s @ Twins

There's this running gag that I've got with the guy who owns the grocery store in town that if I see him that day it means the Twins will lose. Well, when I'm done writing this I'm heading to the store so...

Anyway, Matt Shoemaker will pitch against the A's who are tied for the AL's best record. Frankie Montas is going for Oakland. I'm planning to mow the lawn and maybe will peek in occassionally at the score until I get completely disheartened. Lucky for me the grocery store closes early, and I can't drown my Twins'-loss sorrows in a pint of ice cream (unless I plan ahead, which I clearly never do).