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2024 Game 25: Twins at AAAAngels

Bailey Ober starts against Patrick Sandoval.

At 11-13, with injuries to many key players, and plenty of painful at-bats, this season has probably been a disappointment for most. But for the School of Athens (the Philosofer household) it really hasn't been so bad. Circumstance has us with a new, much larger TV, and somewhat frequent access to the games as the secondary household on a subscription. Add in the fact that Aquinas and Nietzsche both had their best years of baseball last year, and we've got some eager learners in the house. The girls are getting involved too, asking great questions as the games progress. And Philosofette is excited to actually start getting to put names with faces after too many years of not really knowing who the players are.

Throw in Cory Provus' narration and, well, this has been a great year so far. Lots of baseball to go, and hopefully they keep the streak going now that they're not playing the Sox!

2024 Game 18: Tigers at Twins

Coming into this year I expected Joe Ryan to take another big step forward. Or maybe a small step, depending on how you already felt about him. Point is, I expected him and Lopez to really lead the way.

That's been the case so far, and hopefully he has another great outing tonight, as the Twins' bats try to do something - anything! - against Jack Flaherty.

Also, I'm just putting this out there: the only two batters hitting at all are Buxton and Jeffers, right? And they're the only two batters who look willing to go the opposite way. I'm thinking we've got some (recurring - we've seen this before) institutional issues in our batting approach that have to get fixed.