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FMD 9-8-17: When Do You Listen

Aquinas turns 8 on Sunday, and I realized that I have exceedingly little music from the past 8 years in my collection - much less than the 8 years before that. Before I had kids, I had time for music. I would seek out new stuff, try different things, discover, etc. I just have so little of that now. It's a big part of why my tastes haven't continued to grow.

Now, maybe once a week, I just plug in my headphones and take a whirl around youtube for a night, clicking on whatever mostly familiar starting point I pick, and going from there. I jump around a lot, but not a ton of new things pop up. (A side note: it seems like all the algorithms (and this is true for Pandora, et. al., too) keep redirecting me to the things I know, not the things I don't know.) It's not really a time for checking out new stuff, because it's my rare chance to ground myself. It's a time of re-centering and recharging, not discovering.

So I don't know when to find time for more new stuff. After the kids leave home, I suppose. Maybe I'll be able to count on them to introduce me to music someday. I put a lot of effort into giving them broad exposure to the music I know, so maybe their tastes will be diverse too, and someday that'll pay off.

Anyway, what are your listening habits? When do you listen? Do you mix in old and new together? Do you find specific time for discovery of the new?

FMD 9-1-17: Jazz Hands!

I enjoy a good musical. Despite the fact that I can barely carry a tune, I was in few of them in high school (minor parts (Winthrop Paroo), and then eventually non-singing parts once the directors figured out how bad I was). I find myself going through phases where I'll pull up favorite musical numbers on youtube and, if I'm alone, I'll often belt them out (again, despite my lack of singing ability). Honestly, there's something about my favorites that makes me wish I could get on a stage and perform. I don't get that itch often, but I'd love to have the chance (and ability) to knock it out of the park as, say, Seymour Krelborn.

Anyway, musical theater has been on the mind lately. What do you think of it? What productions were you a part of (admit it...). What do you sing along to, sheepishly or otherwise (I'm looking at you, Cheaptoy...)?

FMD 8-25-17: Teaching Kids About Music

Over the last few weeks I've had the chance to expose my kids to a good amount of music that they hadn't ever (or at least regularly) heard before. For our trip I burned some CDs (because no ipod/smart phone... a topic for a different forum). One an Oldies Mix and one a Weird Al mix (because fun!). The WGOM was instructive a ways back on the Oldies Mix, so thanks all for that.

I've also had my kids plinking away on the piano a little bit lately. I don't actually know how to play myself, but I know enough about chords and the like that I can point them in a direction here or there. I'm hoping to get Aquinas into piano lessons before too long, but there aren't too many people teaching out our way these days.

Anyway, it's been fun to watch the kids learning about music, making requests about new things, experimenting on the piano, etc. I'm often surprised by what clicks with them, and what they're interested in exploring further.

I'd love to hear more parents' "teaching their kids music" stuff. What should I be throwing their way? What about some of our more seasoned parents... did your kids take after your music tastes? Butt heads? Etc. So there's our topic for the day: teaching kids about music.

FMD 7-28-2017: More Females Please

I figured we should continue the female artists conversation that got started earlier this week, maybe branching away from albums and talking more about songs, particular artists, performances, etc. Just broadening (eh? eh?) the conversation a bit.

I have to confess that I haven't gotten all the way through the list (I started at #1 and worked backward) of top albums by women, but I'm suspecting that two of my favorite artists don't appear: Jenny Lewis and Niko Case. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Both of them were very influential in my introduction to independent music, and so I have a soft spot in my heart for both of them.

I also once wore a t-shirt to a Rilo Kiley concert that said "Jenny, I get married in a week; this is your last chance!" I've worn more effect shirts before.

FMD 7/21/17: Meatloaf

Since this week's guest DJ has been none other than Meat himself, it seemed somewhat fitting that today's FMD feature be meat related. And what else could be music and meat related better than Meatloaf?

Here, enjoy this video which is a fantastic bit of ... something. Featuring Cher!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love how earnest the man is in his songs.

Anyway, share your lists, share your favorite Meatloaf anecdotes, share your submissions for bizarre and earnest music videos... whatever moves you.

The Nation Has An Appetite: What To Do With Too Much Zucchini

The other day I posted a couple of links to baked zucchini recipes (Bread and Blueberry Lemon Cake (my recommendation on the cake is to find a slightly less/more lemony sweet buttercream recipe, and also to add some lemon into the batter if you like lemon)). You should make those if you have lots of zucchini, and I understand the bread freezes fairly well too.

Today I wanted to share another favorite, and I thought I'd turn it into content here, given our recent conversations about generating more and maybe some new Citizens. Anyway, I made it last night, and it turned out perfect. It's quick, easy, and satisfying. Can't beat that.

2 medium zucchini, chopped into 1/2" - 1" pieces
1 medium onion, chopped in 1" pieces
Pepperoni slices
Mozzarella or similar cheese
Your favorite marinara sauce
Basil leaves
Good hot dog/brat buns
Salt, Pepper, Oregano
2 tablespoons butter (or less)

1. Heat zucchini and onion in butter until cooked through, seasoning with salt, pepper, and oregano.

2. Layer a row of pepperoni and another of basil into the buns.

3. Spoon in the cooked zucchini and top with marina and cheese.

4. Broil until cheese is melted/browning.

It's that easy. So much yum.