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2023 Game 128: Rangers at Twins

So, Gleeman has probably been the most vocal among the chattering class when it comes to the Twins failing to beef up the bullpen at the trade deadline. That decision to stand pat on the bullpen is looking worse in the rearview mirror all the time. The only pitcher we got was Floro, and we've seen how much help he's been.  And can we talk about Carlos Correa? I've reached a point where I dread seeing him come to bat with runners on base because I just can't bear to watch him get paid another $58,000 to ground into another rally-killing double play. Honestly, I've secretly started hoping he'll just strike out in those situations instead.

Pablo Lopez is back on the mound for the Twins today. As frustrating as the bullpen has been lately, the rotation is turning in one solid performance after another (with the occasional outlier).  Pablo's got a 9-6 record, a 3.51 ERA, and 187 strikeouts on the season. The Rangers counter with southpaw Andrew Heaney, and we all know about our struggles with lefthanders. He's also 9-6 with a 4.27 ERA and 122 strikeouts. Hopefully the boys are all rehydrated and ready to go after yesterday's matinee in the sauna.

Play ball!