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Game 136: Twins @ Rays

Christmas 2019 - we collaborated with the grandparents who live in Tampa to get tickets for the Twins trip to Tampa in the upcoming 2020 season.  It would be the little guy's 8th lifetime MLB ballpark in his eighth year. We were kind of unofficially doing our own little 30 in 30 thing.

Well,  the Twins never went to Tampa in 2020. We rescheduled for this series, hoping travel would be prudent and attending a game would be an acceptable risk. It turns out that isn't the case either,  so we are watching from home and rescheduling the trip again for 2022 (the Twins visit Tampa in April - can't wait to find out what will postpone it this time). We're still sitting on 7 ballparks and we've kind of lost our momentum. A tentative plan to knock out both LA ballparks next year is in the works, I'll let you all know.

Jorge Polanco is playing against the Rays today. He's got an .808 slugging percentage in his last 7 games and he is currently on pace to finish the season with 31 HR/98 RBI.

Also there's the rest of the Twins. Griffin Jax takes the mound.