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Game 162 – Twins @ Royals – A game with no playoff implications

The Twins quest for 90 losses wraps up today. Charlie Barnes get the coveted Closing Day start, and all I really want to see is Byron Buxton hitting some homers.

At the end of the season, it seems like we should look back an


Game, the penultimate: twins @ royals

Well, this season didn't quite go the way we planned.

I figured that this was a 95 win team, and we're two games from an assured last place finish and most likely a number 8 draft pick in 2022. Disappointing.

There have been plenty of glimmers of hope for the future -- Buxton finally looking like a genuine superstar chief among them, but let's not try to put any perfume on this stinker. Not paying extra this spring for a TV plan that included any Twins games looks like one my best financial decisions ever at this point.

Here to close the door just a little bit further is Griffin Jax. There have been reasons to believe in certain starters this year, but I'm not sold on Jax. Who knows, though? Maybe tonight is the start of a new and improved era of Jax domination!

Well, hell. I'm fired up now. Let's do this, Griffin!

2021 Game 158: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Casey Mize
Michael Pineda

My first projection post had FanGraphs predicting the Twins to finish at 79-83 while Pythag had them at 69-93. They reached 70 wins yesterday to finally surpass Pythag's prediction from four months ago but FanGraphs' prediction is unreachable.

I tried again two weeks later and had a rosier Pythag prediction of 75 wins. That is technically possible but I doubt the Twins are done losing this season.

2021 Game Log 157 – Tigers at Twins

Last game log of the 2021 season and looking back at my logs, I've been pretty grumpy. In my defense this team has been a huge disappointment and very frustrating to follow. A team that everyone thought had World Series aspirations that ends up losing around 90 games will do that to a guy. Also, they just weren't a fun team to follow. Blowout losses, late inning blow ups, injuries to key players, bad strategy, team faves being traded, newcomers who not only didn't perform well, but were lousy and not fun. The fact that I couldn't even have them on as background due to Bally Sports North shenanigans just rubbed salt in the wound. Also, I never bought into the the "since their horrible April and May, the Twins have done ok." No they haven't. They were supposed to win over 90 games not hover around .500. Last place in the Central 20 games under .500 cannot be seen in any positive light.

Ugh, I got that off my chest. Tigers come into town and they've been a little better than predicted and could be building something in Detroit. Twins haven't announced a pitcher as of 5:00p. It should be a glorious night for baseball so the ballpark is still cool. Byron Buxton is a blast to watch. You might get to see Miggy one last time. There are good reasons to head to the ballpark if you'd like.

First pitch 6:40p

Game 156 – Blue Jays in Minnesota

List of statistical facts?

List of statistical facts.

  • The Twins have 7 games left, and need to go 4-3 to avoid 90 losses.
  • Miguel Sano needs one more HR to get to 30.
  • Max Kepler needs one more HR to get to 20.
  • Luis Arraez and Josh Donaldson are currently tied for highest OBP (.351) among 2021 Twins Not Named Nelson Cruz That Have At Least 250 PA. Others that are contending for this crown...
      • Bailey Ober - .500 OBP (not enough PA)
      • Nelson Cruz - .370 OBP (named Nelson Cruz)
      • Mitch Garver - .358 OBP (not enough PA)
      • Byron Buxton - .341 OBP (not enough PA)
      • Jorge Polanco - .325 OBP (too many April PA)
  • If Griffin Jax allows a HR today, he will pass J.A. Happ for most allowed by a Twins pitcher this year.
  • If Griffin Jax allows 19 runs today, he will pass J.A. Happ for most allowed by a Twins pitcher this year.
  • If Griffin Jax throws a complete game shutout today, he would tie for the team lead in complete games (1 - Jose Berrios) and take the team lead in shutouts.
  • If Alex Colomé throws 3.1 IP with no earned runs, he will have a lower ERA than Pineda.  If that happens, only José Berríos will have thrown more innings for the Twins this year with a lower ERA than Colomé.
  • Somebody here mentioned Jorge Alcalá's last month has been really good.  In the last 30 days, opponents are hitting .190/.227/.238 off him and he's allowed one run in 11 appearances (ERA of 0.73 and FIP of 1.54).  He can get his season WHIP under 1.00 with 1.2 innings with no baserunners. The Twins have four pitchers currently under 1.00 WHIP this season.
      • Devin Smeltzer - 0.43 WHIP (4.2 IP)
      • Joe Ryan - 0.59 WHIP (22 IP)
      • Willians Astudillo - 0.75 WHIP (4 IP)
      • Ralph Garza - 0.81 WHIP (17.1 IP)