Game 79 Recap: How about them dodgers?

Twins 1, Dodgers ZERO
WP: Light Rail
LP: De La Rosa
SAVE! Matt "I'll Busta" Capps (13)
Twins record: 34-45, 8.5 games out of first NOT LAST IN THE AL CENTRAL!!ONEOENEOENEOQN!O!NIW

Fangraphs knows scottie baker wasn't looking at the bullpen.

Well, well, well, a save on a wednesday? My goodness gracious, let's take a look at the king of the savers race. The Beard is racking up saves like nobody's business. He currently owns the top spot with 24 saves. We would have to drop six spots on the leader board to find someone in the league that counts but I really don't care that much.

Player A .281 / .304 / .303 / .607 ops+69
Player B .296 / .320 / .336 / .655 ops+79

Just looking at their rookie seasons I'd think these dudes are brothers from another mother. In other news, Scott Baker tossed an absolute gem today. So did De La Rosa for that matter. If you tuned into this one late you missed the scoring action. Sweet Ben hit a lead off triple and was driven in by Nishioka's swinging bunt. That was it. I never doubted the Twins for a second on this one, matt capps excepted. When the camera flashed on Joe Nathan during the ninth I found myself longing for the good old days, and wondering if we'll see Joe back in the closer role before the end of the season.

Go see some art on paper at the walker. 50/50, up 'til July 17, half curated by the unwashed masses, half by experts:

Featuring some 200 works hung salon-style, 50/50 is at once an experiment in crowd curation and an exploration of the Walker’s collection, with each of the two sections filling half the gallery space. This shared exchange sparks a range of questions about the dynamics between “audience” and “expert,” or between curatorial practice and so-called “mass taste.” It also touches on a broader contrast between the act of making aesthetic judgments in an online context and the experience of looking at and thinking about art up close, without time constraints.

13 thoughts on “Game 79 Recap: How about them dodgers?”

  1. I took an introductory art class at the UofM Morris in early 2000. Spent most of the course in the basement of the Humanities and Fine Arts building sleeping off hangovers and trying to stay warm. /stupid college kid/ I may have to hit up the Walker...this concept of "audience" v. "expert" seems interesting.

    Oh, and today's game was good.

  2. Are players A and B sweet Ben and young Kirby? I know I could go look it up, but you know what, I'm too lazy to do that right now.

    1. Indeed that is who they are. I can only hope that Sweet Ben = Kirby, but for now I'm going to back off of Dr. Chop's new boyfriend.

  3. At least the Twins' best pitcher is willing to publicly compliment Joe's gamecalling:

    "Joe [Mauer] did a great job, getting me to throw my offspeed pitches," Baker said.

    1. And he (and Gordo) make such a big deal about him wearing a glove in the press box, and they get on others that muff foul catches. Massive schadenfreude.

  4. Trent Oeltjen vs his old organization:
    4-4, 3B, HR, 2BB, SF. 3R, 2RBI.
    That's 1.000/.857/2.250/3.107!

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