2011 Game 80 Recap: Ambrosiamen 2, Twins 6


Weather: 71 degrees, rain
Wind: 15 mph, in from LF
Time: 2:30.
Attendance: 40,812.

Box Score

Francisco Liriano was the bomb, going seven strong and giving up just two runs on four knocks with seven sit-downers.

Joe Mauer went three for four, all singles, and scored twice. At the suggestion of Ron Gardenhire, Top Jimmy was last seen flagellating his own face with a trout.



Twins win to climb back to eight games out of first with nine to play before the break. And it's Independence Day weekend. Where I come from that means fireworks. Stay safe, kids.

14 thoughts on “2011 Game 80 Recap: Ambrosiamen 2, Twins 6”

  1. "Just be patient with him," Gardenhire said. "He's one of the best hitters in our league and he's been through an awful lot. On the base four times tonight, hitting the ball hard pretty much every time up, and you're going to see a lot more of it. Just mark my word. I think for those of you who have been around here you've seen it plenty of times, and for those of you who had doubted him you should slap yourself. Right in the face. Slap yourself. Go ahead, all you guys that doubt him cause he's pretty damn good."

    Gardy's full quote about Joe Mauer
    do you think he was looking at Jim Souhan when he was saying that?

    1. do you think he was looking at Jim Souhan when he was saying that?

      God I hope so.

      Seems pretty appropriate that they used soundtrack music from Armageddon with the fireworks. Hopefully with some wins they can use theme music from better movies the next few nights. Oops, I'm getting ahead of Monday's post.

      1. soundtrack music from Armageddon

        Huh, I thought it was from Top Gun. I haven't seen either movie for years, and I guess it could've been in both, or I could just have really terrible song-ID skills.

    2. do you think he was looking at Jim Souhan when he was saying that?

      I suspect that he was looking at the bullpen.

  2. Hardy has more homers than Morneau, Mauer, Young, Kubel, and all of the people who have played SS this year for the Twins have combined.

    1. And less time on the DL than the first four*, too!

      *Probably not Young yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it ends up being true.

    2. Uh, no he doesn't. (Half-baked on my part.) Dude 5, Del 2, Mountie 4, Pussy 0, The Japanese Guy 0, Tolbot 0, Plooof 3, Laddi 2. 16 total.

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