2011 Game 152: Playing out the string in the Bronx

12:05 start.

Diamond Scott versus the Other Al J. Burnett. The Race to the Bottom continues in earnest.

In the all-important Wild Card Race, Boston hosts Bal'more for a day-night double header. The O's offer up Jeremy "Jeremy" Guthrie vs. some dude named Kyle Weiland in the day game, and Brian "the 'tusz" Matusz vs. John Lackey in the nightcap. The Rays have the day off, but trail Boston by only two games after taking three of four in Boston.

Unfortunately for the Rays, they have seven games remaining against the Yanquis and three against Toronto, whereas the Sawks have seven against the O's and three at the Bandbronx to finish.

Over in the N.L., the Giants have won eight straight to close within 4 of the Wild Card leader, Atlanta, and 5 of NL West-leading Arizona. Three of SF's last nine are at Arizona, so they still have a shot. But the Snakes finish the season on a home stand with three vs. Pittsburgh starting on Monday, followed by an off day, then the three-game set with SF and finishing with a three-game series against the Dodgers. The Giants' odds are long. coolstandings.com pegs their playoff odds at just over 5 pct.

58 thoughts on “2011 Game 152: Playing out the string in the Bronx”

  1. You missed the most important part! The All-Time Greatest Closer could pass the Pretend All-Time Greatest Closer with a win that isn't too dominating.

    1. What could be more dramatic than Rivera striking out Trevor Plouffe with the bases empty to end a three-run game?

  2. I'll be at the Wednesday game at Chase Field. It no longer can be a clincher, but it can't be after they've clinched, which is all I really wanted. Should be an exciting time...I haven't been to a game in that atmosphere since Torii flopped out in center. Every game since has been early-to-middle season.

  3. Bert just said we don't often see Cuddyer chase pitches outside and in the dirt. Cripes, did Cuddyer buy everyone associated with the Twins a diamond car?

    1. Other than Carlos Gomez, he might be more in love with that pitch than any batter in recent Twins history. Bert does watch these games, right?

      There's always been Cuddy-love, but this year it's gotten way out of hand.

    2. Cuddyer is better than most at making contact on those pitches. Of course, that leads to a lot of double plays.

  4. Heh.

    The fretting over Burnett not being able to pitch to "this isn't even a Major League lineup", is enough for me to watch this game and listen to the Yankees feed.

  5. Cory Wade? Boone Logan? These are not real Yankee names, are they? Did we somehow get teleported back to 1990?

  6. The Twins have scored at least three runs in four straight games. They haven't done that since Aug. 30 - Sept.3. They haven't gone more than four straight since an 11-game streak ended the second game after the AS break.

  7. It's funny how arguably the two most dominant closers in MLB history have two of the most famous World Series blown saves.

    1. Who was the guy in the booth with Gordo today? Are the Twins so bad that they can't even get their broadcasters to come to the games now?

        1. Don't they usually do games by themselves? How rough would it be to go from being the play-by-play and the color guy to sitting in a booth with Gordo and trying to call to the game?

        2. Did Dazzle go on the DL now, too? Or is it just that the Rochester announcer will be more familiar with the guys the Twins are using right now?

  8. Of course Rivera gets his record save against the Twins. Against this lineup, it should only count as half a save.

      1. The way Burnett started, I was thinking about 21 Ks. The way he finished, I will never take anything away from Eric Milton's no-no.

  9. Well, the way this game started, I'm happy they at least forced the Yankees to use Rivera. One step closer to No. 2!!!!11!!!

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