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2023 Game Log 24: Yanks at Twins (And Wild/Wolves Playoffs)

We can experience something tonight that has not been aacomplished since 2001. With a Twins victory tonight they will take the season series from the Yankees. Twins have Joe Ryan on the mound and he's been quite effective this year with a 4-0 record, 0.89 WHIP and 10.4 k/9 innings. Nestor Cortes for the Yankees and he's been pretty decent this year as well, even though he took the loss against the Twins last week at Yankee Stadium. Should be a nice, if chilly evening for baseball.

In addition we have Wild and Wolves playoffs tonight. Feel free to use this post to comment as well. Game times are actually Midwest friendly with the Wild set to start at 7:00p and the Wolves at 8:00p. Loons also play tonight against Detroit in the USA Open Cup at 6:30p. So depending on your sport, you are covered tonight. If you just like Football, I guess you can take tonight to put the finishing touches on your mock draft board.

First pitch at 6:40.

Game 15: twins @ evil empire

Hey. Everyone. If the Twins win today, they'll win a series against the Yankees. In New York.

That hasn't happened in 243 years.

If they win the next two, they'll sweep a series against the Yankees in New York. Up until 1984, it was a felony to even type those words. That's what we call progress.

Also progress? Our damn starting rotation, am I right? In 84 innings worth of starts, our starting 6 have given up 23 runs (a 2.46 ERA. seems good) and have only allowed 75 baserunners. Fewer baserunners than innings. Also seems good!

The Twins are one of only four teams in baseball with 10+ wins, and they've won those games against Houston, Chicago, and New York. Optimism seems at least somewhat warranted.

Tyler Mahle takes the mound in an attempt to keep all these good things rolling today. I like his chances.

Go Twins!

Game 14 : Twins in the Bronx. 6:05pm central time zone start time

It would be cool to have another big time first inning tonight. The Yankees are off to a great start to the season, sitting at 8-5. Yet they are already 5 games back in the standings due to Tampa's even hotter start. The Twins (9-4) are in first in the AL Central two games ahead of Cleveland.
Louie Varland gets his first start of the season after getting called up yesterday

2022 Game Log 134 and 135 – Twins at Yankees

Make Up for Tuesday's rainout!!!

Game two and three of a four game series at Yankee Stadium and the Twins just got a new scouting report in time for today's game: Don't groove a fastball right down the middle to Aaron Judge. Hopefully this gets disseminated to the pitching staff by 1:00 central.

First game includes new Twins pitcher Louie Varland. He's from Minnesota! Yay. Good luck on making your MLB debut at Yankees Stadium. Will definitely be something to tell the grandkids.

Game two has G. Cole pitching for the Yanks and he has 204 K's this year, most in the majors. Joe Ryan for the Twins and once again we will find out if it is good Joe or bad Joe. Hey Joe, read that scouting report about grooving fastballs to Aaron Judge.

2022 Game 59: Yankees at Twins

I put in to work the first game of the Yankees series but didn't get scheduled. Just as well, it was a downer of a game. Last night was much better, and televised in a manner that allowed me watch, a rarity these days. It was a mirror image of the first game, really, competitive until the later innings when one of the bullpens caved in. So far the hometown nine have held their own against the top of the AL East, winning the Toronto series on the road and facing a rubber game with the Yankees tonight to decide this series. We'll see what tonight and the weekend tilts against Tampa Bay hold, but so far we've gone toe-to-toe against the East and held our own. Taking two of three from the best team in baseball right now would make a real statement, and I'm hoping the Twins end this one with a bang, not a whimper.

Dylan Bundy, the Pride of Tulsa, takes the mound for the Gemini tonight. He's started nine games this year, winning three and losing three with no decision in three. His ERA stands at 5.57 and his WHIP at 1.45 so if he can give the team five innings and hold the Yanks to 2-3 runs I'd consider that a mostly successful outing. Gerrit Cole gets the start for the Yankees. He's good, he's always been good, a first-round draft pick twice over with a .656 career winning percentage. Cole is 5-1 in 11 starts this year with a 2.78 ERA (2.03 over his last 8 starts), 0.96 WHIP and 81 punch-outs in 65 innings pitched. And he's coming off one of the most dominant performances of his career. The ass-bats must be given no quarter tonight.

Play ball!

2022 Game Log 57 – Yankees at Twins

You hate to say it but the Yankees have been really good this year, especially its pitching:

Team ERA: 2.74, first
WHIP: 1.04, first
Opponent average: .210, first

Twins come in feeling pretty good about themselves after winning two of three in Toronto with a depleted staff and now some players coming back from the restricted list, Covid list, and injuries. It's not a full squad yet, but getting closer.

Jamison Taillon on for the Yankees and like the rest of the staff, he's been lights out this year. Looks like the Twins will use Cole Sands with his 7.88 ERA and 1.63 WHIP tonight. Maybe both pitchers can regress to the mean and we get a Twins victory.

First Pitch at 6:40

Twins Lineup
1B - Arraez
DH - Buxton
2B - Polanco
RF - Kepler
C - Sanchez
LF - Larnach
3B - Urshela
CF - Celestino
SS - Palacios

1970 Rewind: Game Fifty


Date:  Tuesday, June 9.

Batting star:  Jim Holt was 1-for-3 with a double and a walk.

Pitching stars:  Bill Zepp pitched two shutout innings, giving up a walk.

Opposition stars:  Bobby Murcer was 3-for-4 with a walk, a stolen base (his fifth), and two RBIs.  Danny Cater was 2-for-4.  Stan Bahnsen was 2-for-4.  He also pitched a complete game, giving up two runs on four hits and four walks and striking out seven.  Roy White was 2-for-5.

The game:  The Yankees put men on first and third in the first inning but did not score.  It looked like it would cost them, as the Twins scored two in the second.  Harmon Killebrew led off with a walk, Holt hit a one-out double, and Leo Cardenas singled them both home, giving the Twins a 2-0 lead.

New York matched the two runs in the bottom of the second, though.  Ron Woods walked, Gene Michael singled, and Bahnsen had a bunt single, loading the bases with one out.  Horace Clarke struck out, but Murcer delivered a two-run single, tying the score 2-2.

Cesar Tovar led off the third with a single-plus-error but was stranded at second.  Paul Ratliff hit a two-out triple in the fourth but was also stranded.  In the sixth, singles by Thurman Munson and John Ellis and a walk to Woods loaded the bases with none out.  All the Yankees got out of it was a sacrifice fly by MIchael, but it was enough to put New York ahead 3-2.  They added two more in the seventh when Murcer and White singled, moved up on a ground out, and scored on a fielder's choice-plus-error, giving the Yankees a 5-2 lead.  The Twins did not get a hit after the fourth inning.

WP:  Bahnsen (4-4).

LP:  Jim Kaat (5-3).

S:  None.

Notes:  Holt was in left field in place of Brant Alyea.  Ratliff was behind the plate in place of George Mitterwald.  The Twins made no position player substitutions.

Rod Carew returned to the lineup and was 0-for-3.  He was batting .385.  Tony Oliva was 0-for-4 and was batting .332.  Killebrew was 0-for-2 and was batting .320.

Kaat was pitching in consecutive games, although with an off-day in-between.  He didn't do terribly, but he wasn't great, either.  He pitched six innings, giving up five runs (three earned) on twelve hits and two walks and striking out two.  Bringing him in to pitch relief might not have been the best idea, although I'm sure he was more than willing to do it.

It's interesting how many times pitchers have shown up in the best batter lists lately.  I'm all for the DH, but there were at least some pitchers who could hit back in the day.

We think of the Yankees of this era as being bad teams, but they were not bad in 1970.  They were 93-69-1, and no, I did not check to see what happened that they had a tie.  Presumably a rain-shortened game.  But anyway, they had a very good team.  They just weren't as good as Baltimore.

Record:  The Twins were 34-16, in first place in the American League West, two games ahead of California.  Again, the difference was all in the loss column, as the Angels were 34-20.