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2024 Game 62: Twins at LeBronx

The bad news is we have to play one more series with New York. The good news is it's the Mets, not the Yankees. I think I can say without much argument that among all our rivals the Yankees are the the one true nemesis of the Twins, the Cobra Kai to our Danny LaRusso. In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis was the dispenser of misfortune to those mortals displaying hubris. It was Nemesis who lured Narcissus to the pond where he fell in love with his own reflection, wasted away and died. How ironic that the team with the most hubris ever should be the nemesis of our humble Twins.

It's Pablo day in the Bronx. Lopez is 5-5 thanks to some spotty run support this year. His ERA sits at 4.84 thanks to a few outings that snowballed, but he does have 75 strikeouts on the ledger. The Yankees will send Marcus Stroman to the mound to start the game. He's a Yankee so screw him and the stats he rode in on. Stats are meaningless when the mere sight of pinstripes turns your team into a quivering mass of fetid failure. Unless, of course, you're measuring the depths of despair.

This is our last chance to beat the Yankees this season. It could definitely happen and I have a feeling tonight's the night, you just have to be believe. And if you really and truly believe that, you might be interested in a very good deal on  one of the many fine bridges connecting the five boroughs.

Play ball!

2024 Game Log 60 – Twins at Yankees

Twins been playing well lately so no better time to show up at the Bronx for a three gamer against the Yankees. Yanks appear to be great this year - mashing and pitching (I'm not going to look up their fielding stats). Judge and Soto just crushed the Giants this past weekend in a manner rarely seen. No worries, Twins at Yankee Stadium always seems to work Minnesota's way. I'm hearing from the control booth that this is incorrect.

Luis Gil on the mound for the Yankees and he's been lights out this year. Nice little discussion in the CoC this morning about past Twins connections/possibilities. Bailey Ober for the Twins so seems like another mis-match. Royce Lewis back for the Twins (and batting 5th) so at least we have that to look forward to. I'm all negative here but the Yankees just seem on another planet this season so let's at least get one game over the next few days and move on to the rest of the schedule. It's summer and lots of time for great baseball.

Game on TBS but not sure if blacked out in Minnesota.

First Pitch: 6:05p.

2024 Game Log 41 – Yankees at Twins

We are one quarter of the way through the season and the Twins followed up a very disappointing 7-13 through 20 games with a sizzling 17-3 over the next 20 games. One only can wonder what the next 20 games will bring. More of the latter please.

What a better way to see where this season is going than by facing the Yankees at home. Adding Juan Soto has done wonders for a Yankees team that didn't even make the playoffs last year. Fortunately for the Twins, they had a late night game against the Phillies last night so probably got into town late. Couple that with the very pedestrian Carlos Rodon on the mound for the Yankees, and you gotta like the Twins chances tonight. Chris Paddock for the Twins and he's establishing himself quite nicely in the Twins stable of real decent starting pitchers.

Looks like a gorgeous night for baseball and if you can't get out to the game, it's actually broadcast on TBS tonight (Ugh in MLB's infinite wisdom, this game is blacked out locally). Timberwolves on at 9:30ish so the game can be a warm up for nail-biting NBA playoff action and this post can also act as a game log for that as well.

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: Carlos Correa with 2 hits

Game time 6:40p

2023 Game Log 24: Yanks at Twins (And Wild/Wolves Playoffs)

We can experience something tonight that has not been aacomplished since 2001. With a Twins victory tonight they will take the season series from the Yankees. Twins have Joe Ryan on the mound and he's been quite effective this year with a 4-0 record, 0.89 WHIP and 10.4 k/9 innings. Nestor Cortes for the Yankees and he's been pretty decent this year as well, even though he took the loss against the Twins last week at Yankee Stadium. Should be a nice, if chilly evening for baseball.

In addition we have Wild and Wolves playoffs tonight. Feel free to use this post to comment as well. Game times are actually Midwest friendly with the Wild set to start at 7:00p and the Wolves at 8:00p. Loons also play tonight against Detroit in the USA Open Cup at 6:30p. So depending on your sport, you are covered tonight. If you just like Football, I guess you can take tonight to put the finishing touches on your mock draft board.

First pitch at 6:40.

Game 15: twins @ evil empire

Hey. Everyone. If the Twins win today, they'll win a series against the Yankees. In New York.

That hasn't happened in 243 years.

If they win the next two, they'll sweep a series against the Yankees in New York. Up until 1984, it was a felony to even type those words. That's what we call progress.

Also progress? Our damn starting rotation, am I right? In 84 innings worth of starts, our starting 6 have given up 23 runs (a 2.46 ERA. seems good) and have only allowed 75 baserunners. Fewer baserunners than innings. Also seems good!

The Twins are one of only four teams in baseball with 10+ wins, and they've won those games against Houston, Chicago, and New York. Optimism seems at least somewhat warranted.

Tyler Mahle takes the mound in an attempt to keep all these good things rolling today. I like his chances.

Go Twins!

Game 14 : Twins in the Bronx. 6:05pm central time zone start time

It would be cool to have another big time first inning tonight. The Yankees are off to a great start to the season, sitting at 8-5. Yet they are already 5 games back in the standings due to Tampa's even hotter start. The Twins (9-4) are in first in the AL Central two games ahead of Cleveland.
Louie Varland gets his first start of the season after getting called up yesterday

2022 Game Log 134 and 135 – Twins at Yankees

Make Up for Tuesday's rainout!!!

Game two and three of a four game series at Yankee Stadium and the Twins just got a new scouting report in time for today's game: Don't groove a fastball right down the middle to Aaron Judge. Hopefully this gets disseminated to the pitching staff by 1:00 central.

First game includes new Twins pitcher Louie Varland. He's from Minnesota! Yay. Good luck on making your MLB debut at Yankees Stadium. Will definitely be something to tell the grandkids.

Game two has G. Cole pitching for the Yanks and he has 204 K's this year, most in the majors. Joe Ryan for the Twins and once again we will find out if it is good Joe or bad Joe. Hey Joe, read that scouting report about grooving fastballs to Aaron Judge.