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2017 Postseason, Game 5: Goodbye, AL East

No, really. You can go home now.

HOU @ BOS: Morton vs. Porcello (HOU up 2-1)

WAS @ CHC: Scherzer vs. Quintana (series tied 1-1)

CLE @ NYY: Bauer vs. Severino (CLE up 2-1)

LA @ ARI: Darvish vs. Greinke (LA up 2-0)

Lots and lots of high quality pitchers. I'll bet a couple of them even go 5 innings.

Wildcard Game: Twins at Yanks

Rough day Monday. Las Vegas. Tom Petty. All of which pushed the crisis in Puerto Rico, North Korea... off the list of latest things that outrage/sadden us.

That's why we need this. The improbable run. This plucky band of brothers who thrilled us, made us smile, made us care about baseball again. Even if it's for one day, we need this. And we need it to be against the Yankees. It just feels like it was meant to be -- win or lose.

Winning would be great, but it's not necessary. It's playoff baseball and the Twins are participants. And for one day, heck for three (plus) hours, all will be right in our little corner of the world. The problems won't go away and there is a lot of healing that needs to be done, but for one evening, we can watch, rejoice, thrill, even cheer at a bunch of grown men trying to hit, throw, and catch a little ball.

Game 151: Twins at Yankees

Admit it, you’re nervous. Sure, there are only twelve games left and the Twins have an easier path than the LAAAA but man can the Twins just pull off a nice 5 game win streak? Can they take advantage of facing a pedestrian Jaime Garcia and win the first game of the series against the Yankees? Can’t the Angels just fall on their face for 4 games or so and then we can all relax? In my estimation Twins need one win at the Yankees and one win at Cleveland then take at least 5 from the lowly Tigers to assure a playoff berth.

Tonight we get old versus young, fat versus skinny, $25,000,000 versus $507,500. CC Sabathia against Joes Berrios. Live from Yankee Stadium at 6:10p.

2017 Game 150: Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees

As mentioned in today's CoC, we're hitting the final stretch of the regular season, which hopefully isn't also the final stretch of the Twins' season. 4 more series remain (@NYY, @DET, @CLE, DET), and we start off with a chance to cut into NY's hold on the first WC slot (currently at 4.0 games).

Also, this will be a test for the Twins as they're currently looking at a one game playoff in NY. As history has shown, the combination of the Yankees, playoffs, and the Twinkies does not bode well. Hopefully this series will be a chance to work through some issues in advance.

Santana faces off against Twins cast-off Garcia, who may feel he has something to prove.

Game 93: Yankees at Twins

We all have to admit this Twins season has been better than expected. Forty-seven wins on July 17, while the 2016 version hadn’t won #47 until August 13th, team somewhat in the play-off mix in a bad division, good years from Sano, Santana, Berrios, Kintzler… we all know the facts. The Twins have been playing decent, fun baseball. When they get blown out, heck throw the back-up catcher out there for an inning. It’s fun and baseball is a game, meaning it should be fun.

That’s why the Twins signing Bartolo Colón and having him pitch against the Yankees is such a compelling story. It’s fun, it’s interesting. It has a bit of “hey check out this crazy thing.” Will Aaron Judge hit a massive homerun off of Colón? Likely. Will Bartolo dazzle the Yankees for 6 innings with 3-hit ball? Unlikely. Is this just a marketing ploy to get a few more tickets sold at Target Field or a few more eyeballs checking out DicknBert? Could be. Who knows what will happen tonight but isn’t that the compelling part? That it will be fun to see? That tomorrow you will see a bunch of memes or funny tweets? That at least for a little bit we were engaged by baseball?

Yankees pitcher is some guy named Luis Cessa. Game time at 7:10p. The big sexy thunderstorms earlier forecasted during game time seem to have dissapated so it looks like game on.