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  1. HBD to Skim. My five-year old daughter has a dolphin pillow pet, I don't think you can go wrong with that one as long as Skim doesn't have a phobia of aquatic mammals.

    1. She doesn't, but I do. Seriously. Did you know that? 'Cause that was really weird.

      (Dolphins are for some reason exempt - perhaps because they're mammals - but it's true otherwise)

      1. I assume Skim's opened her presents (checks clock, counts back time zones, tries to do basic math on fingers, fails). How'd she like her dolphin?

        1. Soon. It's ten to seven out here, but for some reason in this house we get things going a bit later than most. Supper's in a minute, then cake, then dolphin.

          1. Ten to seven isn't late for celebrating a birthday. My brother's birthday is May 27 and growing up we usually didn't get around to celebrating until some point in July.

  2. Sometime last night at the bar I set a reminder for this morning - "Pct pay v pct w" I can't for the life of me remember what that was for. I remember the reminder not letting me enter any more characters, but I don't know what was supposed to come after the W.

  3. I let the dogs out before bedtime last night and I couldn't get them to come back in. Turns out they had an oppossum corned on our fence. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 'possums are one ugly critter.

      1. I figure I'll need to get at least two more so that I can enter the 'possum juggling contest at 'possum days.

  4. Chris Parmelee is giving me a reason to watch the Twins. What he's done so far has to be looked at with a critical eye because it is so SSS and better than his minor league numbers, but anytime you have more walks than strikeouts and still hit for power, that is a good sign. A couple thoughts on why he might succeed so well at the majors: From what I've seen, he looks like a low-ball hitter. It would seem likely that pitchers in the majors are more trained to keep the ball down than those in AA and below, so he might get more pitches where he likes it in the majors. Also, I wonder if power prospects in the minors, especially those in poor hitting leagues, might tend to try to hit for power more in the minors when they bat third or fourth, and then when they get to the majors, they adjust their approach a little to just have good at-bats, which leads to a better overall approach. In the end, his BABIP is well over .400, so he's not going to continue to do what he's done so far, which would make him a superstar rookie, but even when he comes back to earth, I think he can still be a good hitter and hopefully an average first baseman, which is probably more than most expected from him.

    1. He's done so well I even spell Parmelee correctly now. I really want to make that middle "e" an "a".

          1. why would you post a picture of the piss boy when you're referring to the king?

            (actually, they do look strikingly similar)

      1. Ever since he was drafted it seems like there were questions about how to spell it. I think it has been settled that it is spelled with an "e." The newspaper I used to work for covered his HS baseball team, and I think there was even confusion back then.

    1. I hope the concert was half as good as I hyped it up to be.

      I've really enjoyed most of the bands that I've heard opening for or with HHT*, but rarely do I get that into the bands that HHT opens for**. I don't know how much of that is excitement and build-up for the openers, and then denouement for the headliners after HHT has played. I hope Robert Randolph bucks this trend.

      *So So Radio, Linfinity, Spring Standards, August Teens, Young Man, Laarks
      **Backyard Tire Fire, Langhorne Slim, Murder by Death

  5. Keeping up with Mr. Kardashian.

    Kris Humphries came on a visit and tried to commit. He really wanted to come here. But no one on the team liked Kris Humphries. He was arrogant. He told everyone he was going to come in and be the leading scorer as a freshman and that we'd all have to take a backseat to him. We were trying to be respectful and not say anything. But he was an absolute jerk. It was tough, because Roy was really excited about him. Kris Humphries was a big deal. He was a one-and-done or a two-and-done kind of player. Roy wanted him to commit on his visit. But we told him, "Coach, you can't bring this guy in. You can't do it." You'd figure Roy would say something like, "Let's work on him," or "Let's give him another chance." Instead he told Humphries, "Sorry, but you can't come."

  6. I was able to get my old laptop from my parents today. I swapped the HDs between this one and the new one. This machine wouldn't recognize the other HD, and this machine's HD was recognized by the newer laptop. So the HD appears to be the culprit. Now to call Lenovo and see if they'll ship me a new HD with a return label for this one or if I'm gonna have to send it in.

    1. His medical bills will exceed $50 million. Who among us has insurance with coverage for something like that? I don't, that's for sure.

      1. That figure surprises me. I work in medical reinsurance so I deal with high-cost cases nearly exclusively.
        Is that $50M lifetime, assuming a need for continuous care? What kind of medical trend did they assume, and are future costs discounted? How long are they expecting him to live? I'd really love to see how the lawyers arrive at their number. I'm no lawyer, so I don't know this, but is there some way to find the court document where that number is put together? I would greatly appreciate any help you or any other Lawyers or any Californians could give me.

        The most expensive cases on an annual basis that I see are from premature births, birth defects, and hemophiliacs. $2M claims occur with some frequency. $3M occasionally, and $5 very infrequently (we might see one a year currently). Billed amounts might be twice that, but it you don't have insurance and were still treated, you're going into bankruptcy or seeking government-plan help.

        Some hemophilia clotting factors are very personalized and can run more than $1M a year for a maintenance dose. If something would go wrong at a hospital, I think it could accrue to over $5M.

        There are other times when amounts could get over $5M, but they're usually freak coincidences of events and not easily categorized except "other". Still, those three categories I listed would probably account for 75% of claims over $3M by themselves.

        Traumatic Brain Injury (which I assume is his primary diagnosis), I can see how he could get to $1M-$2M easily, but not much higher unless he suffered from an infection, or had organ failure requiring transplant, or something like that.

        Current law is that insurance can no longer impose lifetime benefit limits. Annual limits are being phased out:
        $750,000 in 2011
        $1,250,000 in 2012
        $2,000,000 in 2013
        No annual limits beginning in 2014.
        Individual states may have higher limits in place, but those wouldn't effect ERISA plans (if one has employer coverage that is self-funded).
        We've seen many employers that have begun removing all limits starting this year. Also, the $750,000 has little effect on most commercial insurance. I'd venture that more than 95% had limits of at least $1M, and maybe 70% had limits of $2M or higher. (Again, these were mostly lifetime limits.)

        Anyways, thanks for mentioning that. The WGOM is now work-related.

        1. Unfortunately, the LA County Superior Court charges a fee just to search for cases in their online index.

          Now, I'm all for cost recovery in government services where appropriate. But I'm also all for transparency. Civil proceedings can easily be of public interest (e.g., lawsuits filed against physicians for malpractice).

          *grumbles off deeper into the Forbidden Zone*

    1. Avoid the comments. It's like a different varietal of Stribbie. That and spam.

      Even if he's a year older than he said, it was still really dumb for the Royals to trade him for Mike Jacobs. Plus, this will probably give the team a whole new set of options for him: "We have no record of optioning any Oviedos."

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