83 thoughts on “2011 Game: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians”

    1. One significant difference. 2003 Ryan: 6 walks 12 Ks (still better than his nearly 3:1 ratio in his short career). Parmelee: 8 walks, 6 Ks. When no-name rookies come up, pitchers just challenge them. When they show they can hit that, pitchers see if they'll chase. Ryan's K rate just kept getting worse. Parmelee has shown good patience, like when he got ahead 3-0 today before hitting a two-run single.

  1. Good time for Dinkleman to hit something besides a single, here. Or he'll take a walk as I'm typing, either way works for me.

    1. Any time you can move the Dink to the outfield and bring Tolbert into the game, it's a win-win for Gardy.

  2. I see Tolbert's BA is in danger of going over .200. Whew, safe for at least a few more plate appearances.

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    1. 1B .303/.357/.443/.801
      RAMOS .267/.334/.443/.777
      DH .244/.332/.427/.759
      RF .267/.332/.423/.755
      3B .244/.298/.374/.672
      CF .269/.325/.329/.654
      2B .232/.281/.340/.620
      LF .242/.293/.320/.613
      SS .234/.289/.311/.600
      C .181/.243/.253/.496

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