14 thoughts on “Who am I?”

        1. Crudely measuring shows the person to be 1.8 fungos high. If we assume the fungo is 35 inches long, then Jim would be 2.17 fungos tall. Considering the person is bending over some and has his knees bent, I think it's reasonable to assume the person is on the order of six feet tall.

    1. You're absolutely right about Jim, not Bob, although on second look the photo on the back is not Jim Lemon either.

      I never meant to imply that this fungo-hitting coach on the front was Jim Lemon, though. I have all the SI issues with Twins on the cover, but this is probably from an article on the Twins that was not a cover story. Need to nail down the year(s) and then check out the coaching staff(s), I guess.

      1. Yeah, it does look a bit like Jim Lemon, after some 'net digging. I would think a batting coach wouldn't be hitting IF, but who knows?

        I find it interesting how he hits fungo, though. Typically a RH batter will throw the ball up left handed.

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