Game 27: Dallas @ Timberwolves 7pm

It seems like the Wolves schedule is composed of playing Houston 20 times, playing Dallas 20 times, and the rest of the league 26 times. There are downsides to the compressed 66 game schedule. but the upside is that the Wolves are playing a lot of games per week, and when you have a fun or a winning team its nice. Its almost like MLB. Who know how long the players can keep up the pace? The Wolves have been shooting horribly from outside of 10 feet the last couple of games, and its a 50/50 chance the ball goes in the bucket from inside 10. In fact, the Wolves as a team are shooting .429 this season, which ranks them 22nd in the league. Its it tired legs, or are the Wolves composed of a bunch of poor shooters...its probably a little of both.

The Wolves get a rested Kevin Love back after his 2 game mandatory vacation, and Pek! gets the starting nod again because Darko is out with a sprained right ankle and bruised ego.

*note* tomorrows Wolves-Knicks (Linsanity!) tilt is not of FSN. Last year Kevin Love had his 30-30 game against the Knicks and that game was not on tv...might have to scoop up a ducat or two for that

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    1. Also, 20 of Pek's points will be off of those offensive rebounds. The last two will be on a steal where he gracefully dribbles past all five Dallas defenders and throws down his own alleyoop off of the backboard.

      1. The last two will be on a steal where he gracefully dribbles past all five Dallas defenders and throws down his own alleyoop off of the backboard.

        Now you're just being silly.

    1. I dare say this is a great time for the cable to be out unless you like watching NBA teams score fewer points than minutes elapsed.

      1. I want to give him the "he's just come back from injury and is rusty" label, but he looks rather uncoordinated and crappy out there in general.

    1. I wish my daughter was old enough to distract me like that. She's sleeping so I'm free to cover my eyes and watch.

    1. I quit watching because of how badly they were playing, not because they were down by 25. Oh, it's only 11? Well, they're still playing terribly and I'm sick of watching balls go anywhere but in the damn hoop.
      Oh, and Martell Webster is an elbow-throwing 'fro-hawked moron.

  1. So my theory is that Adelman is letting the terrible shooters on this team shoot as a way of saying "F*** you Kahn, get me some decent wing players!"

  2. those Muskies jersey's are the most generic jerseys....almost looks like an old high school basketball jersey

    1. I think we are closing in on the point where the Wolves have played more games in the Muskies jerseys than the Muskies did.

  3. I like matching up against Dallas as I feel they are a best case scenario team for many of the Wolves players. Love/Dirk, Rubio/Kidd, Darko/Brian Cardinal. It gets me excited about the future of this Minnesota team.

  4. Alright, let's do something constructive tonight; bhiggum, let's get these trade negotiations started.

      1. Hmmm, your team sucks at scoring points and my team is really good at it. I will review while that trade is processed and see if I can come up with anything that doesn't include Rose.

  5. I can't say enough about Rubio's defense. He is like the Franklin Gutierrez of point guards.

    1. yeah, he got back on that fast break and caused the break up. He also anticipates passes....its so fun to watch him on the defensive end of the court

  6. I turned on the Knicks/Lakers game for a moment and just saw a pretty nuts play from Kobe. You will be seeing that on the highlights tomorrow.

      1. That was pretty nuts, right? Stepped through a double team, chucked it into the backboard, back to himself, dishes to Gasol.

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