205 thoughts on “2012 Game 25: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners”

  1. I'm sure the Mariners will get a hit in the first inning- I'm not sure that was ever in doubt.

    1. Oh, a real shocker: Butera catching, Mauer DHing, and Doumit in right field. One man bench: Plouffe.


  2. Tigers just walked off against the Sox. I expect the Twins game to end in a similar fashion. Well not so much similar as they lose 13-7.

  3. Mariner's broadcast highlighting UZR during the pregame. Can haz Mariners broadcast team?

    1. I really like Dave Sims as a PBP guy just for his attitude. Even though the Mariners have been bad the entire time he's been here, he still announces like he enjoys watching the game. That's the sort of person I want describing the game to me.

  4. That's why you bat Carroll second. The Twins managed three hits in 18 innings with Casilla batting second.

    1. That's why you bat Carroll second. The Twins managed three hits in 18 innings with Casilla batting second.


    1. It's a hit, hit, hit!


  5. Vargas.


    1. That should be a standard exception clause in any trivia question about a Twins worst anything.

    2. That is to say, the hitter in the lineup with the lowest BA got the first hit.

  6. I miss the CF camera. this left center cam is hard to read balls and strikes

  7. what the hell is going on in the radio booth? No Gordo OR Dazz!!!111one111!!!

  8. Got to the broadcast a little late and when I didn't see Gardy on the top step, I assumed he had gotten thrown out for something.

  9. Twins games are like women's fastpitch softball. I'm hoping for a HBP, SB with throwing error, and a balk.

    1. I think the only thing worse so far tonight was Wedge deciding to give Brendan Ryan the green light to steal second base. I mean, Butera is obviously playing for one reason and one reason only.

  10. Well, there goes the shutout. It's unfortunate that Pavano's fastball is about 70mph these days.

  11. Hmmm..based on this half inning, the Twins might consider positioning a rover in LCF.

    1. Nice stop by Carroll, though. Still under 3 runs allowed! Tonight could be the night!

  12. the Twins have hit 2 HR's since April 20th (11 games, 12 if your count tonight). The last time the Twins hit a HR was last Friday against KC

    1. That's not likely to change at Safeco, unless one of our left-handed hitters goes against the grain and pulls the ball.

  13. M's broadcast playing tricks on me. They had a run up for Minnesota just a second ago.

    1. I saw that too. I haven't been paying full attention to teh game for the last hour or so, but I got confused because I at least thought I'd remember them scoring.

      1. Whew, still not going crazy. Well, probably going crazy, but not yet seeing things.

  14. How many times do you see a RF not quite get to a ball in the outfield and then pop up with 2 runners in scoring position his next time up?

  15. Come on, guys. When we only get a hit every other game, we need to take advantage of it.

  16. Props to Butera on that. Unfortunately, he just kept himself on the roster for another 2-3 weeks.

  17. Dick seems perplexed how a team could win 116 games in a pitchers' park. Hint: they had a really good team.

  18. Hey guys, a runner in scoring position! Just one out! Nice 2B from the Parmesan cheese.

  19. I was thinking that in the 7th inning it isn't a big deal to lose the DH because you can pinch-hit around the problem. Then I remembered Plouffe is the entire bench.

    1. The entire effing bench. It's absolutely comical that somehow this is acceptable--if any player gets injured a pitcher has to hit--as opposed to being worried about pitchers hitting if the catcher specifically gets injured.

        1. Morneau has to DH a game or two before going on the DL for two weeks longer than should have been necessary.

  20. Well, the Blue Jays are beating the Angels, so that's cool. I'm guessing that I'll need to develop some alternative rooting interests to keep paying attention to baseball this year. I'd like to see the Blue Jays and the Orioles do well. I don't really know much about either team, but hey, they're off to good starts.

      1. Who doesn't love World Peace? (I have no idea where you're coming from on this one.)

    1. I'm 100% OK with the AL East standings finishing up looking exactly like they do right now.

    2. Fun fact: the Angels, even after the drubbing of the Twins, still have scored fewer runs per game than the Twins. They're 0.04 runs/game lower than the Twins. Still 0.43 runs ahead of poor Oakland.

      1. If the Twins could keep that up all season, I'd feel good about something.

  21. It seems the Twins record for being shutout is 29 innings. Happened in 1978 from Sept 6* until the third inning, three games later, to Sept 10. That means, if the broadcast is right, they're at 25 innings prior to the top the seventh. They would then break the record in the second inning of tomorrow's game.

    * The Twins scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth in the game on Sept 5.

    1. See, all you had to do was look it up and it no longer mattered. Ain't that the way it goes?

      1. So you're saying I should have investigated the hitless inning streak sooner? I'm going to blame B-R on that since it only supports game streaks.

        1. Just like washing your car if you want it to rain- you can't do it on purpose, but it'll rain every time if you don't think about it.

      1. It's not my fault. Just read that in your best Jon Stewart voice.

        "The Mariners acquired Furbush for Fister."

    1. Montero's reaction to Wilhelmsen turning away from him is great. Understated, but great.

      1. Just a slow sloping pair of shoulders. I don't think that was the first time.

  22. I could see the Twins doing that, but it would've included a throw down the left field line.

  23. It's an offensive eruption!

    and now they bring in the Furbush to face the Pussy.

  24. Jason Marquis has 625 PA, but he's a starter, and if one of our starting pitchers got injured, the season could actually get even worse. So if the Twins do have to use a pitcher at the plate, who's the choice? Just throw the worst pitcher out there since it won't matter if he hurts himself trying to lay down a bunt?

      1. You could always tell that Santana loved to compete, but it was really obvious when he got the chance to hit.

    1. I don't know if you saw this when I posted it around when Marquis was signed, but his slashline is better than Butera's.

      1. I didn't see that, crazy. I feel like NL pitchers are a good example of how well a typical high-level athlete would hit if he didn't have much experience hitting.

  25. Glad I just joined the game (and this thread - here for all of the good part of the game, missed all the bad.

    1. That's usually called getting to second base. A double entendre, so to speak.

  26. Now, to win the game, the Twins just have to allow fewer runs this game than they have in any game all season.

  27. THey just showed Wilhelmsen sitting in the M's dugout wearing his wedding ring. I can't think of another time I've seen a player wearing a ring during a game.

  28. Charge the mound! Wait, don't charge the mound, there's no one on the bench!

  29. We've secretly replaced the Mariners bullpen with Matt Capps clones, let's see if anyone notices.

    1. Wouldn't that require them to serve up some homers? They looked more like Jose Mijares clones.

  30. I hope Doumit starts hitting again, eventually. It'd be unfortunate if he went all RonDL on us.

    1. I know RonDL was a bad choice when it came out that he overpaid for steroids.

  31. Pavano threw 69 pitches tonight. Last game he was 6.1 inning and threw 83.

  32. awesome.

    "The Mariners batters strike out a lot.... The Twins' pitchers do not strike out a lot of hitters."

    Movable object, meet resistible force.

  33. I wonder if Detroit would be interested in making a trade to bring Furbush back to the Tigers. They could really re-Furbush their bullpen.

    1. After bS' joaks, that was not the punchline I was expecting. Your pun is way too high-class for this joint.

  34. I don't want anyone to get scared, but unless the Twins score a run Capps is not gonna have any breathing(or eating) room.

  35. I just realized Capps will be coming in to save this game. My stomach doesn't feel good now.

  36. I turn on the game to a nice surprise. A lead!. I see Carroll took any drama out of the hitless streak early.

  37. Im surprised the powers that be let Brandon League on the field with the top 4 buttons of his jersey unbuttoned

  38. Let's end a bunch of streaks tonight. The losing streak, the streak of allowing at least three runs and never scoring exactly 4 runs. Of course, I would prefer more than 4 runs, but right now I'd be happy with 4.

  39. A scary notion. "It's up to Matt Capps." Fortunately, Bill James has shown otherwise.

      1. *looks around frantically. can't find anyone to hug*

        Are you TRYING to bring Furbush back out?

    1. Well, of the pitching staff, I wouldn't argue against it. They certainly were tonight.

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