Game # Who Cares: Turds V. Hosiery

Twins: Not even close, Pale Hose: Way too many
LP: Yeah
WP: Is anyone actually reading this?
Save? Heh. Right.

Cole De Vries was too depressed to live journal after the game, you guys. That's how bad this game was. Nick Blackburn burnt the last of his remaining bridges. I guess that's a positive, right?!?

Culture Club: The Cochon Butcher. The BBQ pork sandwich is better than any art I've ever seen. Ask DPWY. In all seriousness, I raved about this sandwich for weeks after I first devoured one in March. Dr. Chop grew tired of me talking about it. She begged me to stop telling anyone and everyone who would listen that there was this mystical sandwich made from a wonderful, magical animal in New Orleans. Then she had the opportunity to eat this delight and said to me, "you undersold how good this sandwich is". Seriously, you guys.

8 thoughts on “Game # Who Cares: Turds V. Hosiery”

    1. I know a UCLA professor who would want to eat that sandwich the next time he's in Nawlins.

      1. I'm fairly certain I'll take said prof to the butcher when he's in town next. Breakfast at Surrey's was equally delicious. I'm taking the over on my line for lbs gained before I see Will next.

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