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Game #162 Recap: The beatings are over. Finally. Thank goodness.

Twins 1, Blue Jays 2, wait, seriously? Of Course the Twins would end the season with a whimper.

LP: Diamond (12-9 3.54 ERA), WP: Morrow (10-7 2.96 ERA)

Save (Onesies!): Lyon (1(!))

Welp, as another season of Twins baseball comes to a close so does the another King of the Savers Race. Baltimbrel put up outstanding numbers, they just couldn't keep up with save juggernaut Jim Johnson. Johnson converted 51 of 54 save opportunities to take the gold crown off Dancie McFartsalot. We should all tweet him our congratulations with the hashtag #thankgoodnessthereignofdanciemcfartsalotisover.



There were few positives to this game, and to recap them would take less time than I spent placing the crown on Jim Johnson. I'd like to do an end of season positives, but I feel like focusing my energy on things that don't depress me. I hear the timberpups are going to be fun to watch this season.

Culture club: PS2 in Belfast is an artist run project space where they encourage curators and artists to create challenging exhibitions that focus on urban interventions and social interaction between artists and the greater community of activists and theorists. There will be a more in-depth culture club post on Northern Ireland when I get around to it.

Game 159: Tigers 2, Twins 1

In back-to-back days, the guys who I wouldn't expect to be giving up big homeruns gave up big homeruns. Yesterday it was Casey Fein serving up 2 homeruns in the 8th. Prior to that, in 34.1 innings this season, he'd only given up 1 HR. Today it was Burt0n giving up a 2-run shot to Fielder in the 8th, the only runs the Tigers would need. Burton has worked 61 innings this season, allowing only 5 HR.

On a positive note, Cabrera went 0-3 to drop his average to .325 and Mauer had a very nice day at the plate going 3-4 and raising his average to .323. Hendriks held the Tigers to 5 hits in 7 innings of shutout ball.

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Game 158: Well, that’s done and over with.

I was pretty sure what kind of game I was getting when I saw the pitching matchup, but the game ended up being a lot more interesting than I would've believed it could be.

The seats (Section 110, row 5) were excellent. Target Field really doesn't have any bad seats, but these seats are solidly above any of the other ones I've sat in there. The day itself was gorgeous - perfect temperature, just the slightest of breezes, clear sky. The crowd was sort of docile (except for the obnoxious Tigers fan who started an 'M-V-P!' chant as Miggy circled the bases. after his backbreaker. It was a great game experience.

I just wish the result would've been better.


* Doumit's home run was an agonizer, because it was hard to tell whether or not it was going to make it. It's always fun to see a home run live, but that one was even better.
* What exactly is it about Al Alburquerque?
* I noticed this at the last game I was at, but "When the Levee Breaks" is probably the most ominous "crap is about to go down" walkup music ever. Nice call by Plouffe.
* Linds wore her Morneau shirt without getting harassed this time. That's a plus, I suppose.

Game 153: Twins 2, Tigers 1 (Game 2 of the day/night double header)

Twins sweep the day and come home for the final homestand of the 2012 season on a 2-game winning streak. Burton gets the win, Valverde gets the loss and all is right in the world...except Baby Jeebus went 0-5 in the nightcap, dropping his average to .323.

Fun fact: Twins were 1-7 with RISP and only had 1 RBI - Carroll's single in the 10th.

Perkins pitched a clean bottom half for his 14th save on the season. Walters managed to hold the Tiggers to 1 run on 5 hits over 6 innings and the bullpen held that up.

Game 152: Twins 10, Tigers 4 (Game 1 of the day/night double header)

With the win in today's first game, the Twins assured themselves of losing no more than 99 games this year. They are now 63-89 on the season with 10 games left to play - so there's that.

Scott Diamond got back to his winning ways allowing only 2 earned runs on 4 hits while striking out 5 in 7 innings of work. Fein and Burnett pitched the 8th & 9th respectively with the additional Detroit runs coming in the 9th following a Morneau error.

The key inning for Minnesota was the 6th when they sent 9 men to the dish and scored 5 runs. Mauer, Morneau, Plouffe! and Florimon batted runs in and Morneau scored on a third strike passed ball when Villareal covered home for the force but didn't tag Mountie.* I didn't see it, but I'll be honest - I wouldn't have known that rule either. Good on Justin for hustling home and forcing the issue...I think.

Mauer went 3-4 with 4 RBI on the day bringing his BA up to .326 (now .325) - 2nd place in batting average to Miguel Cabrera at .332 - and his RBI total to 83. There's an ouside chance he gets to 100 runs batted in and a good chance he surpasses his highest totals for all but his MVP season (96) in that category. He drove in 84 in '06 and 85 in '08.

*boy that was a tortured sentence.

Game 149 Recap: Willinghammer

Twins 6, Indians 4
WP: Hendricks (1-7 5.88) LP: McAllister (5-8 4.31)
Save?!? Youbetcha. Perkins (13)

Holy cats. A save on a Wednesday is like the smell of napalm in the morning. I love it. The king of the savers race is heating up. We have three potential kings within 3 saves of each other. Of course they're all from the AL East, but we won't hold that against them. Or will we? Jim Johnson is holding the top spot with 45 saves recorded, but nipping at his heels is the absolutely dominant Fernando Rodney. That dude has been lights out this season, but the rules of the King of the Savers award dictate that player with the most number of saves recorded, no matter how ugly, is the champ. I'll feel for the Fernando if I have to crown someone else. Some other dude in NY has 42 saves.


The Willing hammer had a hell of a night at the dish. He went 4-5 with a home run racking up 4 rbi (at least one of them was of the 2 out variety). Meanwhile, Joe Mauer was content with a hit, a walk, and 3 runners left on base. puss. It didn't matter though, the hammer was willing and Liam got his grove back, and by grove I mean his first win evah(!). Congrats to the kid. Hendricks tossed 6 innings allowing two hits, walking two, striking out two, and surrendering 2 earned runs.


Culture Club: I promised a tour of the alternative spaces of New Orleans, so I guess that's what we should do. Way down St. Claude Street you'll find a bunch of young folks doing great and arty things. Before you get all the way down there I suggest you start with some pastries from Shake Sugary. I suggest the maple bacon sweet potato biscuits. Seriously. Really. Yeah. You'll likely need a nap, and after that you should start at the front. These young folks operate an excellent co-op art gallery featuring some great art from New Orleans and abroad. Across the street lies The Good Children Gallery who are also producing exhibitions of timely and engaging contemporary art from almost everywhere. As you head back towards the city I suggest stopping off at the New Orleans Healing Center which features art galleries, vendors, a co-op, cafe and good vibrations. Directly across the street from them lies the UNO art gallery which features the work relating to UNO's art department. Off the path a bit lies Press street and Antenna Gallery. From their site, the mission is to produce risk-taking solo and group exhibitions that engage and interact with the New Orleans community. I've really enjoyed the projects these folks have put together, and am anxiously awaiting the opening of their new facility later this fall. Press Street is a 501c3 set up to support visual a literary art in New Orleans. They've published poetry and prose, non-fiction, offer learn to be a dj classes, and host a 24 hour drawathon for arts education. Good folks, those. You're probably thirsty, and you're close (ish) to the quarter. I highly suggest you stop off almost anywhere on Frenchmans street, but my favorite is Snug Harbor. Stick around for the jazz and eat from the vendors, you won't be disappointed.

Game 144 Recap: Again From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

September 14, 2012

Mood: 🙁 forlorn

Music: Adele - Someone Like You

I didn't watch the game but I heard we won. I was supposed to be at the stadium but whatever. I went to Mom and Scott's house instead. Mom made meat loaf and tater tots which are my favorite foods but I wasn't even hungry. Kaycie was being a brat all night saying that I was acting like a little p***y but I didn't care. They don't understand. My chest hurts so bad and the doctor said it's because my rib is broken but I know its because I have a broken heart.

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