January 5, 2013: Therapy

As always, having a place where I can enjoy the fact that a bunch of us all go through the same arguments and petty problems in our home lives was calming. For the record, yesterday was just fine. No aftershocks.

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  1. Zach Lowe, of Grantland, had a write up about possible Rudy Gay landing spots if Memphis were to deal him. His most sensible landing spot? Minnesota. The centerpiece going back to Memphis was AK. Maybe it is just me, but that is not a deal I would be interested in making.

    1. Ugh, I started reading that, got to the part where the Wolves should just trade everyone and thought, "oh yeah, Grantland." Then closed the window and went downstairs to throw darts at a picture of Bill Simmons.

      1. AK has a player option for next year. It's quite possible that the Wolves lose him after this season. Just sayin'.

        1. Oh, I'm aware of that, but unless I read the article wrong (admittedly entirely possible considering my usual mindset entering a Grantland article) he wasn't suggesting only AK for Gay.

            1. Heh, I just went back and read it again and yeah, I don't like Grantland. Apparently, Ak+either dwill, luke, or barrea+maybe a first round pick=a no brainer for the Wolves to get Gay and junk. Back to the dart board.

      2. "oh yeah, Grantland."

        For me, Grantland is Slate for sports. On occasion you'll get a good nugget (Wright Thompson's work in particular comes to mind), but for the most part it's contrarian, look-how-clever-I-am nonsense.

    2. Im surprised that article is not an oral history of a trade that is going to happen in 3 weeks.

    3. Minnesota wants to make the playoffs this season. They’re starved for wing players and overloaded at power forward. It’s worth thinking about, especially if the Wolves could get a second cheap wing along with Gay. Quincy Pondexter’s knee injury and the prohibition against Minnesota reacquiring Wayne Ellington this season complicate things, and Minnesota rightfully believes it should emerge as a very strong team once everyone gets healthy — if that happens.


        1. I win either way tonight. Either I win because the team I support won a basketball game or I win money.

            1. I can't believe that line is still holding. I might be a pick by tip off.

          1. its a 'win, win, win' situation because fans dont get to see Kevin Love act like a jerk when he misses a shot

    1. I thought you were being goofy but twitter is now making it sound like Joe Webb may actually start. I feel bad for you Vikings fans. Buffalo pulled this stunt in the 99 playoffs with Rob Johnson. Good luck.

      1. In case you are reading out there, Rob, I know it wasn't your fault. You had a fine game. It was just a weird, poor coaching decision.

      2. Ponder is only getting benched if he is too hurt to start. I don't think there is any stunt to it.

        1. Fair enough, I don't follow the Vikings so I am far from the best person to be commenting on this.

          1. True, but as someone who has long followed the Bills it gives you a cynicism that makes you mostly qualified.

    2. Vikings/Packers line moved from GB- 7.5 to GB -9.5 in the last 5 minutes.

          1. looking at his wiki page, I wonder when Nebraska cans Pelini Bohl would be phone call #1 or 2.

            1. Without commenting on whether I think it's a good move or a bad one, I will bet you right now that does not happen (calling Bohl, I mean, not canning Pelini).

              1. My cousin (who is VERY in the know in Lincoln) mentioned Bohl coming home back in November (pre-Wisconsin debacle) at the same time noting Bo's ridiculously low buy-out (Dr. Tom's way of trying to get him out the door without getting his fingers too dirty).

          1. the Mountain West would be a pretty good fit (football Boise St is powerhouse. Air Force, Fresno, and a TV deal with NBC Sports Net. Basketball is pretty good with San Deigo, UNLV, and New Mexico)

            1. Chuck Klosterman suggested this very thing today.

              By the way, word is that NDSU is hitting Wisconsin very hard in recruiting this year.

    1. I had one last night while trying to access FMD...it went away after a few attempts. Not sure why.

    1. I've gotten quite a few 502 bad gateways. Host Monster knows with Wolves and Vikings tonight it is going to get busy and they are just warning us ahead of time.

  2. You have got to be [curse word]ing kidding me.

    Jerry Zgoda ‏@JerryZgoda
    BREAKING: Love has re-fractured the third metacarpal on his right hand.

        1. later in the episode when Leslie goes to the casino to get the generator, in the foreground you can see a marquee for the casino convention center that says Matchbox 20 is playing. LOL

    1. Ugh. We went to Northern Ireland in 1995 and stayed with a family in a very Catholic neighborhood within a very Catholic city (we had hosted their son for 6 weeks the previous summer). It was very disorienting having armed soldiers wandering the streets while you are playing soccer in a park.

      1. It's good to see that the real IRA and other republican interests have decided to sit this one out (so far). While I was there last year there was a pretty ugly incident over the refusal to give a military award to a 19 year old forces member from Belfast. It would seem that there will always be conflict in that part of the world.

        1. I should add that it appears that some j-holes unsuccessfully tried to torch a MP's office in Bangor last month that was a block away from my guest house.There are a lot of people living very densely around that area, and a fire to send a message could have resulted in an extreme tragedy.

    1. @ESPNStatsInfo Joe Webb will be the 1st QB in NFL history to start a postseason game after not attempting a single pass all season.

        1. it might be. Though, Green Bay probably wasn't planning all week to face Webb. Webb would be exposed over several games, but for one game he might surprise another team.

  3. The Vikings backup QB tonight will be McLeod Bethel-Thompson. He wears #4. I say he has to get in.

  4. Wolfson wrote that the Twins have had brief discussions with Scott Podsednik. Like no one could have seen that coming.

  5. serious, Vikings fans are idiots.

    'Joe Webb looked awesome in the 4th quarter. He found his rhythm!'
    and this was a serious statement.

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