Late night sports thread

LA Lakers @ Minnesota 8:30pm
TV: ESPN, My29

a modest win streak has place the Lakers (10) ahead of the slumping Wolves (12) in the West. The Wolves come in with a healthier roster than this time last week, but also have a 5 game losing streak. Speaking of losing streaks, the Lakers have beat the Wolves 19 straight times (and 23 out 24). the roster from the last Wolves win is amazing.

Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks 9:00pm

Saku Koivu -v- Mikko Koivu . Also, Teemu Selanne is still playing.

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  1. having Luke Ridnour guarding anyone in the post is probably not the way to go about things.

  2. My29 commercial: 'Watch Kevin Love, Brandon Roy bring a playoff atmosphere to Target Center'


  3. Just finished watching the first episode the Americans. Keri Russell is better looking than AK.

          1. Meh. The situations seemed pretty forced. The acting didn't seem all that great. I like period pieces however and will give it a few episodes before I decide if I am in.

            1. I did google the shit out of Keri Russell after Mrs Buffalo went to bed though.

              1. the only thing I have seen here in is The Waitress, but I didnt know that JJ Abrams made Alias because he wanted Keri Russell (who was on Felicity at the time) to be a super spy.

    1. Alas, poor "Running Wilde"! I watched it, FTLT. A programme of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

      1. I totally forgot about that show. I guess I watched that for a few episodes, but there was something else on. Then the show was replaced by Traffic Light, which I liked but was about the only person who did.

        1. I disliked it without watching because it replaced that which I liked. It wasn't its own fault, but I was still sore.

          One of those wonderful Fox shows like Andy Richter Controls the Universe that just wasn't given enough time.

            1. No, I missed that.
              ARCTU is/was available on DVD. One of those things in the back of my mind that I'll probably never get around to.

  4. When Gasol and MWP are hitting shots from long range the Lakers will be tough to handle.

      1. I actually have very little idea, I only know of him from his annoying Bud Light and Dr. Pepper commercials.

      2. OK, do you remember when M.I.A.'s first album came out and one of the sounds in it was Reggaeton? Well, Reggaeton was gonna cross over and one of the guys to do it was gonna be Pitbull with his song "Culo" which maybe wasn't reggaeton anyways, but somehow it was connected. That single was produced by Lil Jon. So basically, Pitbull is a one-man Spanish-Speaking Ying-Yang Twins.

          1. Next big thing in "pop": Spanish-language hip-hop with beats influenced by Cuban & other Latin American cultures became corporate-shill same as old boss.

    1. If you told me the Wolves would only be down 15 at the half when they were once down 328 points I would have been encouraged!

  5. "I love all the Timberwolves equally." - Hitman

    [Flashback to this morning]

    "I don't care for JJ." - Hitman

    1. In case you needed another reason to dislike the Clippers.


    1. Holy moly. I have been spending so little time here lately I forgot how to nest LTEs

  6. the local cable company has been running ads for a new restaurant that opened in Mankato called Dickeys Barbecue Pit. I see they have many locations across the country (including a bunch in the Metro area). Has anyone been to one? If so, is it worth checking out?

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