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Game Log: Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks, Game 1

Another series that everyone is picking as too close to call.

I'm not sure I can take the Wild being eliminated by the same team three playoff seasons in a row (even the Twins never lost to the Yankees three years in a row).  So I think I'll cheer for the Wild in this round as well.

Historical pessimism:

  • The Wild have lost all six playoff games they've ever played in Chicago.
  • The Wild have never won a game 1 in the second round (0 for 2).

The big question is whether Crawford in goal for the Blackhawks can give them a chance.  If he keeps games close, most people seem to think the "veterans who just know how to win" on the Hawks will prevail over the Wild.

The Wild didn't have to win any games that were too close in round 1 (no overtime, only one lead change all series).  It will be interesting to see if they can continue to lock down and extend leads in the same way.  (also:  scoring first is always good - something they struggled with against Chicago the last two years)

Game Log: St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild, Game 6

It's pretty simple at this point.  The Wild need to win one of the next two games to move on and face the Blackhawks (again).

The Wild have really only had 10 good minutes over the course of the last two games.  Fortunately that was enough to steal game 5, so now they get to feed off the home crowd and hopefully replicate game 3.

Historical facts:

  • The Wild are 3-2 in game 6 historically (3-1 at home).
  • This is the first time the Wild have played game 6 with a series lead.
  • When they have won game 5, they are 2-0 in game 6 (both times in 2003).
  • The Wild have never won a series in less than seven games.

2015 Playoff facts:

  • In series where the two teams were separated by less than 10 points in the final standings, the lower seeded team is leading or tied in all 5 series (17-11 record)
  • In series where the two teams were separated by 10 or more points in the final standings, the higher seed has an 11-3 record and leads in or has won all 3 series.
  • The Wild and Blues were separated by 9 points in the final standings.