Game 130: If it weren’t for the White Sox…

Sheilds (8-8, 3.22 ERA) vs. Correia (8-10, 4.52 ERA)

We've come back around to play the Royals again at the friendly confines of the heat soaked Target Field. I expect big things, really. Fortunately, the White Sox exist, as even with a recent hot streak, they've kept a few games back of the Twins, preventing the dread "last in the crappy AL Central" title to be bestowed upon the Minnesotans. I'm also told that Joe Mauer is eligible to come off the DL from his concussion, but won't be back just yet. So, things are looking level!

Anyway, I haven't really been able to pay a whole lot of attention the past few days. The good news is that the bauble got out of the PICU yesterday and has been steadily getting better. Hopefully he can come home in a few days and I can keep closer tabs on the race to the bottom.


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  1. Update on Joe and others:

    Joe Mauer was at Target Field today, and told Gardenhire he "feels decent," but it doesn't sound like his return from a concussion is going to happen for awhile, either. "He's getting better, but it's just going to take time," Gardenhire said. It's hard to imagine the Twins risking his condition in 90-degree weather here, or the 100-degree temps they'll face in Texas over the weekend, so figure Mauer to be at least 10 days from returning, at least as anything other than as a designated hitter.

  2. I'm practicing some jQuery stuff this evening. Got a lot of cool stuff going on, though I'm sure sean would find it quite pedestrian.

    1. I haven't used the cool parts of jQuery that much, so I think I would find it cool as well. Another neat library is d3. It's for visualizations and is a bit tricky to use, but you can do very cool things with it.

  3. The only positive of Dazzle rambling on about lutefisk is I'm imagining a very pasty Scandinavian rapper named Lutefisk who does covers of Ludacris songs.

          1. They also don't have anything on Sumerian Records, which is why I cancelled my subscription.

    1. Can we get him to re-do the guest verses from "One Minute Man" and "Holidae In"?
      In my opinion, the greatest moments in his rapping career. The latter gem is buried in a turd of a single, and I wonder if Luda just tossed off his verse, but he keeps the same rhyme for the full minute.

      1. A lot of his guest stuff is fabulous, and elevates the song he's on way above where it has any right to be.

        I'm really not a fan of his work actual, though ('Roll Out', aside).

        1. I think his first two big singles — "What's Your Fantasy" and "Southern Hospitality" — were pretty good, although I thought he was biting on Trick Daddy's style a bit too much.

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  5. I have stuck through many many bad games all the way to the end
    but tonight I am turning the channel.

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