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Game 63: The Minnesotas vs. The Torontoes

Correia (2-7, 6.11 ERA) vs. Happ (5-2, 4.12 ERA)

Time to get a winning streak starter, Mr. Correia. Somehow. That craptacular AL Central title isn't going to wait around all season. At least, I think it won't even though the Tigers seem to be doing their best to leave it on the platter.

My time in Manchester is finished and we've moved to an area that looks, basically, like every American mall area ever. Its pretty awful. There's still some real ale to be found, but its all in what seem to compare to TGI Fridays or the like. Fortunately, I won't have time to do anything, anyway, since we're here to conduct a trial this week. I did manage to introduce the Scottish sales guy that I'm with to Bengali Tiger last night, though and the same bar had this on cask as well.

Game 43: The Minnesotas vs. The San Diegos

I'm going to run this naming convention into the ground, I think. Thanks, WGOM hall of fame voting process!

Kevin Correia (1-5, 6.80 ERA) vs. Ian Kennedy (2-5, 3.60 ERA)

On paper, this is not the best starting pitcher matchup for the Twins. Correia is about as ho-hum as it gets and has not been particularly good so far, although based on some percentages I think he's been at least a but unlucky. His HR/FB% and LD% are even a bit lower than career averages, so I'm thinking the lack of being able to strike anyone out is hurting him a bit.

Kennedy, on the other hand, has peripherals that look better than his ERA with a FIP of 2.55 and an xFIP of 2.80. He strikes guys out and Petco is probably keeping a lot of fly balls in the park. That 2-5 probably also has to do with pitching for a team with the suckiest of sucky offenses (dead last in OBP and runs scored in the entire MLB. But holy sh!t, the Astros have far and away the worst team batting WAR in the league. Man would it suck to be a Houston fan.). Of course, that suckiest of the sucky offenses should help cancel out that starting pitching mismatch and make this more of an even game.

Anyway, I expect this game log will be bS talking to himself (or possibly Spooky if he isn't working) for two hours once everyone else goes to bed.

Game 130: If it weren’t for the White Sox…

Sheilds (8-8, 3.22 ERA) vs. Correia (8-10, 4.52 ERA)

We've come back around to play the Royals again at the friendly confines of the heat soaked Target Field. I expect big things, really. Fortunately, the White Sox exist, as even with a recent hot streak, they've kept a few games back of the Twins, preventing the dread "last in the crappy AL Central" title to be bestowed upon the Minnesotans. I'm also told that Joe Mauer is eligible to come off the DL from his concussion, but won't be back just yet. So, things are looking level!

Anyway, I haven't really been able to pay a whole lot of attention the past few days. The good news is that the bauble got out of the PICU yesterday and has been steadily getting better. Hopefully he can come home in a few days and I can keep closer tabs on the race to the bottom.


Game 73: Twins (34-38) vs. Marlins (25-50. oof, it sucks to be a Marlins fan these days.)

Correia (6-4, 3.87 ERA) vs. Fernandez (4-4, 3.05 ERA)

For the second time this year, the Twins get to play the Marlins in a two game set. Somehow, they lost one of those games last time (and looking it up its because Pelfrey was pitching during that particularly fun time of the year), so I should probably refrain from too much confidence. That said, I'm on a little Tuesday win-streak on days when I actually remember to do my game log, and I full expect to continue that here tonight.

The Marlins are the lowest scoring team in the league, and its not even close. I'm not convinced they'll score 500 runs this year.  Somehow, though, they actually aren't last in the league in run scoring differential because Houston still has a team in which a move to the AL has done no good. That's a good thing for Correia, who, not being a mind reader so I can only assume, will be looking to continue his surprisingly/un-surprisingly year of decent pitching while we spend the rest of the week talking about Kyle Gibson.

For this week's travels, I'll be in Charlotte, NC. Or, I wanted to be in Charlotte, but was forced by the person I am traveling with to stay in Shelby, NC, about an hour from Charlotte and likely containing less beer. It'll be interesting to see if the Bobcats to Hornets changover will be starting this week, or if the city has to wait until its official.

2013 Games 16 & 17: An Entire Series in One Day!

Apparently, as punishment for missing last Tuesday's game log, I have to write about Pelfrey (again!) and the Miami Marlins. But in a fun twist, I get to talk about a whole series all on the same day.

Game 16:

Kevin "Suck it Aaron" Correia (1-1, 2.95 ERA) vs. Ricky Nolasco (0-2, 3.86 ERA)

I'm realistic enough to know that Correia probably won't keep up this pace all season. But if you're going to have some surprising success as a pitcher, Miami is a pretty good team to have to face to keep doing it, with their league low 43 runs scored. Even Kevin Slowey can't win with an offense like Miami's behind him.

Game 17:

Mike "Winner" Pelfrey (2-1, 7.30 ERA) vs. Jose Fernandez (0-1, 3.60 ERA)

A quick perusal of Fangraphs tells me Jose Fernandez is pitching pretty freekin good so far this year, with lots of strikeouts (over 10 K/9). Since it'll be frickin cold at the Bullseye tonight, and the umps will have already spent three-ish hours in the cold earlier, I'm setting the over under on strikeouts for Fernandez at 26.5.

Mike Pelfrey, on the other hand, sucks at the whole "striking guys out" thing. But with the potential cold strike zone, maybe he'll get his first career K tonight.