Game 13: Blue Jays at the Bullseye

Well, its time for the first Tuesday game of the season. This should be a good time with an expected game time temperature of 36º F. (goodness, could you imagine the Pelf pitching in this stuff? brrr) This seems like a good time for some birds to come into town (not that Toronto is any warmer), so the Twins will have that going for them.

Anyway, your starting pitchers for tonight:

Morrow (1-1, 5.73) vs. Hughes (0-0, 7.20)

I would expect a decent amount of strikeouts this game as both pitchers are striking out 1+/inning. Hughes has only gone five innings in each start, though against Oakland he had that bad first inning, then four good innings. Hopefully he keeps those good innings going and continues this trend of the starters eating some innings. It would warm my heart if, by the end of the year, Hughes showed that it was that awful place in NY that was the problem.

Taking a quick look at Morrow's game logs for his first two starts shows him pitching well at the beginning of games, but losing it a bit later on. It'd be great if Twins hitters could continue this trend of taking a lot of pitches. They lead the league in that stat, taking 4.14 PPA which has also put them atop the leaderboard in walks.

39 thoughts on “Game 13: Blue Jays at the Bullseye”

    1. Blacked out from the Twins but I'm watching Pirates-Reds on Forty-two is playing a big role in this game as well.

  1. Wow. When's the last time you saw someone called out for being out of the batter's box?

  2. Sixth inning, there's that wall.

    I know the 100 pitch limit is arbitrary and many pitchers can go longer. Hughes I think isn't one of those.

    1. It wasn't "the wall." It was "the brain." Terrible pitch selection. Nothing but fastballs to Bautista. Not one single curveball all inning despite being ahead in the count to all but Encarnacion. I blame Suzuki. If he can't keep the pitchers on track, let's at least put Pinto back there and let him do some actual catching.

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