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Game 106: Twins @ Blue Jays

Hughes (10-6, 4.11 ERA, 4.19 xFIP) vs. Estrada (8-6, 3.53 ERA, 4.62 xFIP)

With the way the post-ASB has gone, I'm finding myself falling into the depths of ambivalence. It feels like, as in year's past, this is when the team regresses. I keep trying to remind myself that they started the year off pretty terribly as well. But, the recent struggles of Glen Perkins has me concerned that it just isn't gonna happen. That's the guy I never really consider for someone who will have a run of crappiness.

Anywho, there are still games to be played. With Estrada's xFIP being over a full run higher than his ERA, let's hope the offense doesn't Price-ify him like they've been doing. Gotta get those runners in from third! Especially with Hughes having a HR year and the Blue Jays seeming to be fond of the long ball.

Game 111: the San Diegos vs. The Minnesotas

Whoops. I had intended to do this at the end of the work day, but forgot and then I had to o
Mow, so that's why it's late.

Anyway, Phil Hughes takes on one of the most atrocious offenses in baseball history, which is good because Jesse Hahn takes on the Twin's post-16-run offense, which, without looking it up, guarantees them getting shut out.

Since the last time I brought up my yard was pretty interesting, I thought I'd mention the crabapple tree. This year it was taken over by some vine. Any idea what it might bed and should I do so etching about it?

Game 69: The Bostons vs. The Minnesotas

Hughes (7-2, 3.17 ERA) vs. Lester (7-7, 3.33 ERA)

Its not a great time to lose a few with the Royals juggernaut cruising along like it has been lately. Man, is that weird to type. Does anyone know where this has come from and can the Twins have some of it?

The Twins have the right guy going on the mound today in the "don't make it a losing streak" category. I can't remember a free agent pitcher the Twins have signed that has consistently made me happy like the Hughes signing has. Moral victories, ammiright?

Game 49: The Texases vs. The Minnesotas

Welp, here's that losing streak we all feared. Maybe it won't be as bad now that some guys are back who actually have OF next to their name on their baseball cards.

Darvish (4-2, 2.35 ERA) vs. Hughes (5-1, 3.15 ERA)

Hmmm, not really the best guy to have to face to get out of this losing streak. Having Hughes starting this game combined with the Rangers injury woes should help give the Twins a fighting chance to avoid making it a 5 game streak. He's no Johan, but it's nice to have a guy that gives you the feeling that he can go out there while the team is struggling to win and give them a good chance at getting back on track.

I've used the featured image for a game log before, but I probably should have saved it for this game since its the Twins vs. the Rangers at the Bullseye. Hopefully this game goes as well as that one did.

Game 13: Blue Jays at the Bullseye

Well, its time for the first Tuesday game of the season. This should be a good time with an expected game time temperature of 36º F. (goodness, could you imagine the Pelf pitching in this stuff? brrr) This seems like a good time for some birds to come into town (not that Toronto is any warmer), so the Twins will have that going for them.

Anyway, your starting pitchers for tonight:

Morrow (1-1, 5.73) vs. Hughes (0-0, 7.20)

I would expect a decent amount of strikeouts this game as both pitchers are striking out 1+/inning. Hughes has only gone five innings in each start, though against Oakland he had that bad first inning, then four good innings. Hopefully he keeps those good innings going and continues this trend of the starters eating some innings. It would warm my heart if, by the end of the year, Hughes showed that it was that awful place in NY that was the problem.

Taking a quick look at Morrow's game logs for his first two starts shows him pitching well at the beginning of games, but losing it a bit later on. It'd be great if Twins hitters could continue this trend of taking a lot of pitches. They lead the league in that stat, taking 4.14 PPA which has also put them atop the leaderboard in walks.

Game 80: Dang, I missed the halfway point by one game.

Hughes (3-7, 4.82 ERA) vs. Lake Deduno (4-2, 3.32 ERA)

Ugh, I'm not sure if the demoralizing defeats were worse back when the Yankees actually had a scary lineup, or if its worse watching Gardy trot out what I assume (without being able to see) is a Jared Burton with a lingering health issue followed by a Deunsing who can't get righties <em>or</em> lefties out night after night. I think the latter is worse when taking into account the number of pitchers on the roster.

On the bright side, the Yankees and Twins are similarly behind the leaders in their division, so we got that going for us.

2011 Game 78: Dodgers 4, Twins 6

WP: Duensing (5-7, 4.69)
LP: Lilly (5-8, 4.97)
SV: Capps (12)
I love the mojo gumshoe, ballpark views and quick glances at statistics like WPA to tell you a bit about what went down, but none of those things are mine. I tried think of something clever for my first recap since the season opener (glad that fiasco was left in the other basement) but instead I decided, don't over think the thing. I watched the game, took notes, and below is what I saw.

Also, I DVR'd the game so I could cover the recap after bottling my first try at brewing a hefeweizen. Missing the game live for what turned out to be a nice win seems worth it if this brew ends up better than my last one. /Side note: tip of the cap to cheap - letting that last one sit for a few months has improved it enough that I don't expect to boil a huge batch of brats anytime soon/ After watching the game, I read the game log and found that my notes pretty well shadow the conversation...funny how that works.

As I said before, these are my notes. If you didn't see the game and want to know what went down, read on...if you just wanted the score, now you have it.

-Game Notes-

Got off to a good start for both Dunce and the offense. Quick top of 1st and then a nice little single, sac bunt, stolen base (3rd base!  by Revere), and a RBI single by our resident slap-hitting p*ssy DH to get the Twins on the board.

A great catch by Valencia to start the 2nd led to another quick inning by Duensing. Bottom half, Replicant gets on with a single, steals 2nd, moves over to third and then scores on a single by Revere. Revere then steals 2nd while Laddie is batting and scores on Lexi's doubtriple…

I hate to admit it, but I really was entertained watching Laddie smash that ball off the left field wall and get thrown out trying to stretch the double into a triple (despite the play being in front of him as he rounded 2nd base). That young man is truly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma…or as Gardy would say, “bonehead”.

5th Inning: watched Dunce give up a home run to Aaron Miles. It was the first HR for the Dodger since 2008 and only the 17th of his MLB career. I thought to myself, “God, I hope this inning doesn’t spiral.” Well of course it spiraled. Dunce was trying hard not to give up hits; instead he managed to walk the 9 hitter Jamey Carroll and, eventually, Casey Blake to fill the bases. With Ethier stepping into the box I thought to myself, “Self, why did you spooky this inning?” Sure enough, RBI # 39 & 40 for Andre and the 3-run lead has dissipated. Then he gets to face Kemp, who (as Dick so kindly informs us) is “a dangerous man at the plate…Kemp with 22 home runs and the Twins active roster with 28 this year.” “Awesome,” says I. Dunce gets ahead of Kemp at 0-2 and somehow finagles a shallow fly-out to keep the score even at 4.

Next thing I know (Holy Sh!t, Dick with the call!), Aussie’s 5th inning donger jack with 2 outs and one on (Valencia) puts the boys back up by 2! That was actually one of the stories tonight: 2-out RBI by Revere, Laddie and Aussie (2).

Following a hit batsman, Burnett comes in for Dunce with no one out in the 6th and promptly coaxes a nice little around-the-horn double play ball out of Thames and a ground out by Miles.

1 out and 1 on in the 7th and Perkins comes in for Burnett. Gets a ground out and then gives up a single to Blake. I laughed right out loud when Rivera tagged Carroll out at home. Took a great tag to "get" him, but the throw from Replicant was there to make it happen (or appear to happen). Jason seemed to be doing it to the Dodgers all night long.

8th starts and Twitchy comes in for Perkins after a hit by Ethier. Strikes out Kemp and should have been out of the inning with a double-play grounder. Though it seemed like a weird distance for an underhand toss from Nishioka, Laddie still had a chance at the out with an on-target throw - pretty tough to do with Ethier sliding hard under him at the 2nd base bag. Nathan next faced a pinch-hitter (James Loney) ending the at-bat with a nasty curve for strike 3, (apparently the first breaking ball of his evening), down goes Loney and we move on.

As has become more typical than I’d like, Crisco makes the 9th inning interesting. Ground out to start the inning, a walk to Oeltjen, Crisco with an “athletic move” to get Navarro for the second out and a walk to Gwynn Jr.  put the tying run on base. Finally, another ground out to Laddie salts it away.

Twins Win !