71 thoughts on “2014 Game 60: Astros at Twins”

    1. Heh, even after Gardy lost the DH yesterday after pinch-hitting for Hicks and moving Santana to the outfield.

      Why is it that Pinto can't DH, again?

  1. 2nd row behind home plate. Wearing blue. Definitely in most views from pitchers mound

  2. 107th time Willingham has been HBP. Passes Barry Bonds and Prince Fielder, now tied with Pete Rose, Jason LaRue, and Wally Schang for 65th place all time.

  3. wow. I am legitimately shocked.

    Kendrys Morales reached agreement with the #Twins

  4. The most shocking note from todays broadcast: Dick Bremer loves watching the bunting drills in Spring Training.

  5. I am loving this inning where Tom Kelly is thinking through the game play for both sides of the dugout. Why the batter is doing this, what the pitcher should throw here. Good stuff.

  6. The Astros have three hits. They have zero runs. The Twins have three hits. They have seven runs. Walks, and errors, are awesome.

    1. Scott Feldman didnt make it out of the second inning, but his ERA dropped.

  7. I missed this, but Gibson tied his career high in strikeouts, and set a season best. He has five.

  8. Tom Kelly wants the pace of this game to pick up so he can watch the horse race.

  9. So the Twins just (reportedly) signed Kendrys Morales. A guy that no one else wanted that hasn't played since September. Two thoughts: 1) That's a sad commentary on the current DH situation. 2) I'm skeptical. That's TWINS BASEBALL!!!

    1. Why don't they want him? Taking a look at his numbers, I think it's a sadder commentary on common sense in baseball.

      Now I hear about the injury due to excessive celebration. So, probably that.

      1. If anyone (aside from Seattle) had signed him prior to the draft they would have forfeited a pick.

        1. I recall that rule. It does mean he isn't wildly valuable. I think the excitement I'm seeing on Twitter might be a little overblown.

          1. Addition by subtraction. He's not a great hitter, but he'll fill out the lineup very nicely. Morales the last 2 years: .275/.329/.457. Twins DHs this year: .214/.294/.341

  10. I find it odd that Bremer says the signing has not been officially confirmed by the team. Would he report anything the organization didn't want him to?

    1. FSN had a graphic. This deal is done. Just need a physical and 40 man roster move to make it "official"

    1. I love this commercial. As much as I hate the Dozier one. Dozier deserves a much better effort that acknowledges he can play, not just that he's got a lot of hair.

      1. I'm with you two- the Perkins one is pretty cool, the Dozier one... not so much.

    1. Actually, Souhan had an article a couple weeks ago that suggested Mauer may not recover from his back injury this season. (I'll try to find it.) His basic point was that it's virtually impossible to recover from the type of back spasms Mauer had w/in a season. I've had back issues, and I think he's probably right. Mauer's underperforming & in a slump. Further play was gratuitous at that point in the game. It's nothing more than saving him from dropping his average a few more points. (I'm a Mauer fan - for better or worse - so I support this move & tend to agree with Souhan's article on this point.)

      1. Here it is. I wonder if putting him on the DL would have been enough. Mauer would have received a lot of criticism, but a healthy, productive season would quickly quiet things.

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