2014 World Cup Opener

Rejoice! soccer fans, the World Cup is upon us. Yes, FIFA is more corrupt than just about any other organization in human history. And yes, things in Brazil are a little "Children of Men"-y in places right now. But let's not let that ruin a good time. Time for a month of Alt+Tab and 2 hour lunches.

36 thoughts on “2014 World Cup Opener”

  1. I chose to watch the 30 for 30 documentary on Hillsborough as a lead up to the World Cup. Ugh.

    1. That's a good documentary, but as you said, ugh. I don't know if historical British politics are forbidden here or not, but Thatcher's general outlook on football fans as subhumans was both the cause of the disaster and the coverup afterward.

      1. The pictures of people being smashed against the fence of the "pens" were about as disturbing as I've seen.

    2. Netflix has a whole "30 for 30" soccer section right now. I watched the Garrincha and Irish shooting installments. Both were well-crafted movies, but by nature of their subject matters a bit heavy. I avoided the Hillsborough one for that reason.

    1. The IOC at least claims to represent a higher ideal. I can't decide if I like FIFA more for not insulting my intelligence or less for not having the decency to at least pretend to give two shits about people, athletes, or citizens of the countries where their events are staged.

  2. Enjoying the bizarre lead for Croatia at work.

    I have my predictions laid out and ready to send tonight, Magoo. (Even if Croatia wins, believe me, I didn't predict that so hopefully you can still accept this).

    1. It's been in beta, so to speak, in a few smaller leagues around the world for a few years now. I don't think I've ever seen it in anything bigger than Liga MX, maybe Copa Libratadores.

      1. What is this? What are they using spraypaint for? Magical sidelines healing after a dive?

        1. No, it's not Magic Spray. It's a dissolving foam, something like shaving cream or silly string. The ref uses it to mark both the spot of the ball on a free kick and the 10m line for formation of the wall. The idea is to keep the players from inching one way or the other. Then after a few minutes it's gone completely.

            1. I suppose part of the setup marks where the fake injury occurred, and getting a foul usually heals all fake injuries, so it does a little in that area.

  3. Time to go back and intensively scrutinize predictions I've made about a sport I know next to nothing of.

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