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The Ghosts of Dos a Cero

This past Friday night was USA-Mexico in Columbus, Ohio. A few years ago, I would have circled this on my calendar and looked into tickets (thought the threat of actually going never did materialize). These days, I didn't even know it was happening until (last) Monday lunchtime. How did I - the proud owner of a 2004 #23 Eddie Pope USMNT jersey that's done service through 3 World Cups - fall away from a sport that I used to so passionately follow? Continue reading The Ghosts of Dos a Cero

April 13 – Golden State

I'm writing this to try to remind myself to watch the Golden State game tonight. 1) I always enjoy watching sporting history. 2) Being a Pacers fan in the 90s, I absolutely hated Jordan et al, as I blame them for Indiana's lack of titles (though Indiana was the only team to beat the '96 Bulls twice that season).