2014 Game 93: Twins @ Rockies

So, that Tulowitzki dude is something else, eh?

Linds has declared this weekend to be Morneau weekend. She's blocked off our schedules to watch the games, and is wearing the Rockie shirt that my aunt got her. She was crowing after last night's win. Good times.

Today, the Twins try to save face by sending Kevin Correia against some new guy named Tyler Matzek. A cursory look at Matzek's bbref page seems imply that he used to be some sort of prospect, but that he's had a tough time keeping the ball in the strike zone through his trip through the minors. I'd be okay with lots of walks today, but the trick will, of course, be silencing Colorado's bats. Let's hope Mr. Correia is up to the challenge.

(editor's note: sorry, hj, I know it's boring to replay a featured image in back-to-back games, but I didn't have time this morning to find a cool, creative commons picture of a Coors Lite can sitting by a ballfield like I wanted to).

24 thoughts on “2014 Game 93: Twins @ Rockies”

  1. Rockies announcers were saying he might be safe because Suzuki did not give him a lane to slide in. I'm not entirely sure what the new rule says, but doesn't that only apply if he doesn't have the ball?

  2. cool, creative commons picture of a Coors Lite can

    That's because there are no cool Coors Lite images. They only come in cold.

  3. welp, the Twins got one great year out of him

    Jim Mandelaro ‏@jmand1
    To make room for @Trevmay54 on the roster (he starts Sunday), the #MNTwins released @RocRedWings LHP @Scott_Diamond58 (4-7, 6.53 ERA)

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