2014 Game 156: Little Stream Place at Land of Sky Blue Water

The last time I watched a Twins game, Ricky Nolasco pitched his best game of the year, eight scoreless innings, and the Twins won, though Nolasco did not notch a Win. Nolasco will likely need to pitch just as well tonight to give the team a chance as the Diamondbacks send Josh Collmenter to the mound. Collmenter is 10-8 on the year with a 3.60 ERA and he's been dominating opponents for the last month or so. Of course, in the grand scheme of baseball this game means absolutely nothing to pretty much anybody, so we've got that going for us.

Congratulations to Kennys Vargas and Jose Berrios for winning Twins player and pitcher of the year honors, respectively. Vargas is one of the reasons I'm sort of excited for Gardenhire's last season as Twins manager next year. He hits baseballs like they stole food from his plate.

In other news, Aaron Hicks has been held out of the lineup for the last two games with a stiff back. It's our clearest indication yet that the young man possesses a spine. Now if somebody would just find his belly and light a fire in it...

Play ball!

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    1. I'm going to disagree with that since twayn used that horrendous image. Those abominations are like fish for spooky.

          1. Exactly. A good example is the last time I went to the Madison zoo with the trinket and she wanted to go into the herpatarium. I thought I could get in and out with only seeing turtles. I was wrong and started having a bit of a panic attack and had to book it the hell out of there. Vile creatures.

  1. FSN just showed Goldschmidt's WAR. Not sure which one as they listed it as +4.0 while B-R and FanGraphs agree at 4.3.

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