22 thoughts on “May 24, 2015: Another One Down”

  1. The Warriors are crushing the Western Conference playoffs. On one hand, wow. On the other very disappointing. I wanted to see a great series, but this is over now.

    1. Warriors. Clear favorites to win it all.
    2. Cavs. Will do better than Rockets, and have a chance.
    3. Atlanta. Korver out. And they were already at a huge disadvantage.
    4. Houston. Totally destroyed last night. Don't see how they can recover.

    1. When Curry is feeling it, there isn't a more enjoyable player to watch. The other reason I like GS against CLE is they have 3 dudes that can match up with LeBron--at least as well as anybody can match up with the league's best player. Green and Iggy, and to a lesser extent Barnes. They won't stop him, but they will make him work for everything.

      1. Dido on Curry.

        GS has depth, but LeBron, obviously, is a matchup nightmare. For me, the strategy is more about keeping the other guys from having an impact.

        I don't see Green covering LeBron much unless Cleveland decides to play him at the 4 and go small. GS is much better at small-ball than Cleveland. So the question for me is whether GS tries to trap LeBron or just leaves Iggy and Barnes to take their lumps against him.

        I'll give Cleveland this -- they won't be laying down for GS the way Houston did last night (and did twice against LAC).

  2. Your 2014-15 EPL Prediction Contest winner is: PHILO

    Place Player Points
    1 Philo 32
    2 nibbish 26
    3 Freealonzo 22
    4 MagUidhir 20
    5 Buffalo 19
    6 Daneeka's Ghost 16
    7 Scot 16
    8 Spookymilk 15
    9 davidwatts 15
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    11 Jeff A 13
    12 Homer Dome 11
    13 hungry joe 10
    14 The Dread Pirate 9
    15 Beau 3
    1. Historical Champions

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      2011-12 HomerDome 18
      2012-13 MagUidhir 19
      2013-14 Philo 21
      2014-15 Philo 32
    1. Kernel & Niblet's naptime process always coincides with these 1 pm starts ... and I usually remember about the game log about 20 minutes before lunch starts.

      1. It would be nice if baseball teams were more accommodating with their starts. Can't do 1 p.m. games because of nap times and can't do 6 p.m. games because of dinner/bedtime. How about some 3:30 p.m. games?

        1. And I wish they'd start night games at 6:00 or 6:30, so I could go to be early and not miss the end of the game.

        2. The nice thing about watching on MLB.tv is that I can watch the games whenever I want. I just have to avoid seeing the score. If I start the game late, I can skip the time in between half innings and reduce the watch time by about 30 mins.

  3. Holy crap. Giants DFA Casey McGehee.

    that was quick. Granted, he was hitting 200/254/282 with 24:8 K:BB and 12 GIDP in 118 PA this year. And has 5 errors in 76 chances. And is on the wrong side of 30 (age-32 season).

    but just last year with Miami he hit an acceptable 287/355/357 (in line with his career 716 OPS).

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