2015-16 EPL Prediction Contest

It's that time of year again. Here are your past champions:

2011 HomerDome (18 pts)
2012 MagUidhir (19 pts)
2013 Philo (21 pts)
2014 Philo (32 pts)

This year will crown our 2015* Champion. Can Philo go for a three-peat? Will nibbish finally break through and unseat him? Someone else? Who knows!

*Years are based on the day of the first fixture of the season.

And a reminder on scoring:

  • 3 points for correctly predicting the finishing place of a team in the final league table
  • 1 point for being +/- one position in the final leage table
  • A bonus point for correctly picking the league champion
  • One bonus point for each relegated team correctly predicted, up to three total. (Position doesn't affect this. If you pick them 18th, and they finish 20th, still a bonus point cuz they're going down)

Here is your current table, alphabetical since we're all on zero points:
Aston Villa
Crystal Palace
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Stoke City
Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United

Copy/Paste that into your comment and either re-arrange the teams into your predicted order or put the predicted position (i.e. Liverpool 12) next to the team. Be sure to [spoiler] your entries to preclude influencing others. You have until the end of the weekend to get your picks in. You don't necessarily have to have it in before the games start since having one game done won't really inform your picks. On the other hand, don't wait too long or I'll disqualify your picks. Once I've got everyone's entries I'll share the spreadsheet link so you can double check everything and then keep track of your progress throughout the year.

35 thoughts on “2015-16 EPL Prediction Contest”

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  4. My best guess....

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  6. I'm gonna be away at a wedding this weekend, but I'll get the spreadsheet put together when I get back. You have til I get home to get your picks in. The following people have played before and not submitted yet:

    The Dread Pirate, Buffalo, Freealonzo, Spookymilk, AMR, Beau, Philo, Scot, Jeff A, hungry joe

    Of course, new participants are always welcome.

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  9. So far, only DG and I are in the WGOM fantasy league. C'mon, get in there, y'all. Link and Group ID: 1381031-325701

  10. 'I can do the soccers!' (or) 'If Philo can do it...' (or) 'I read the Guardian!' SelectShow
    1. Hey, a new entrant! Great to have new blood

      (Even if it does require tweaking this bitch of a spreadsheet 🙂 )

      1. Of course, new participants are always welcome.

        You seem unduly surprised that someone took you up on the offer.

        This will give me something to pay attention to until [looks up season schedule] January!? Can they play outdoor soccer in the winter in England?
        There's also a good chance that more of these games will be televised than MLB. So there's that.

        1. January? Season goes through May, unless you have something else to occupy your attention once January rolls around.

          And yes, they are wonderfully televised. NBC Sports does a bang-up job with their soccer coverage.

          1. Sweet Martha's Cookies that's a lot of soccer. The schedule on google only made it to week 20. Winter/Spring is actually preferrable as I probably won't be paying much attention until January, and won't have any other sports diversions because hockey isn't televised and basketball is all preseason until May, right?

            1. Every team plays every other team at home and then away to their opponent. 19 other teams* 2 games each = 38 weeks worth of soccer, more or less all in a row. Nice!

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  13. I know I missed the deadline, but since I don't know anything about it and used random.org to make my picks, I'm hoping you'll let me in anyway:

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    1. You're good, Padre. Just got here to check things.

      People, y'all got til lunch-ish. Get yer picks in, dagnabbit.

      1. To me, this is really the best sort of contest to enter. I have no illusions that I know anything, so if I finish last it's no big deal. And if, by luck, I should happen to do well, I would be amused by it for a long time.

        1. That's exactly why I get such a kick (eh? eh?) out of this too. I take a quick gander at whichever google result pops up first when type "predicted EPL standings" and then I move them around a little based on how I like the sound of their names that day, and then I finish in first place. It's the best kind of contest!

  14. hungry joe, Scot, spooky, AMR, and FTLT

    Hurry up, I *really* don't want to have to cut someone out of the competition. That seems very un-WGOM-y.

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