Game 124: Twins at Orioles

Last night's win got Minnesota back over .500, within a game and a half of the 2nd Wild Card spot and only a half-game behind Baltimore, one of the three teams ahead of them in that race. At this point, the Twins are not likely going to catch Kansas City for the Central, and are five and a half behind Toronto for the first Wild Card spot. If they can pass Baltimore, they're still chasing LAA and Texas, and have a series with Tampa this week who they're currently neck-and-neck with. Despite some misgivings about management's plan for the club, it sure is fun when they actually look like a real, live MLB team.

Today sees the Twins' most pleasant surprise pitching-wise, Mike Pelfrey (6-7, 3.62 ERA - 2.25 ERA in four August starts) facing off against up-and-coming Baltimore pitcher Kevin Gausman (2-5, 4.48 ERA). A win today results in both a series and season sweep of the O's. Git 'er done Billy Smith.

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  1. Joe Mauer's double gives him 332 for his career.
    Justin Morneau also has 332 career doubles.

    That is good for 330th all time.

  2. At this point, the Twins are not likely going to catch Kansas City for the Central,

    That would be one hell of a story if the Twins did catch KC!

  3. I see the Twins are once again making a mediocre pitcher look like Sandy Koufax. Hope we can get a few bloops again late in the game. Or another Sano homer would work, too.

      1. "Mediocre" was probably too harsh. Still, that's not an excuse for going innings two through eight without a hit.

  4. How has Sano looked at third? I haven't been paying close enough attention to know whether he's even had any chances.

    1. Can't speak specifically about today, but overall I've thought he's been okay. I have no idea what the metrics show, and it's probably still such a small sample size that they don't mean anything anyway, but there aren't any obvious problems that I'm aware of.

  5. Maybe the batters will do better against the Baltimore bullpen. They can't do much worse.

  6. For anybody watching--have the Twins been getting hosed by the umps as much as they seem to think they have?

  7. the first base ump, a minor league replacement, has not had a good day on check swings.

  8. Don't agree with pinch-running for Plouffe. If this game goes into extra innings, we're going to need his bat.

  9. We're willing to pull Plouffe out of the game, but we're not willing to put Mauer on first because we'd lose the DH.

      1. Yes. With a slow runner, ordinary effort should have gotten him according to the radio guys.

  10. I decided to make lasagna for the first time ever today. Turns out, that's a lot of work. But I had the game on the whole way, and as I finally put it in the oven, Milone closed out the win. That was a lot of fun. Messy, but fun. Both the game and the lasagna.

    1. I decided to make grilled pizza. It's also a good deal of work but my timing isn't as good as yours.

    2. did you make the noodles too, use fresh, or use dried?

      I agree. Lasagna is a major production. But oh, so good, when done with a bit o' effort. I have not made it in years (Because Vegan Girl). It will be making a triumphant return this winter.

      I grilled veggie burgers and stir-fried veggies.

  11. If Rosario doesn't drop that fly ball Hardy doesn't go to second on the ensuing single. Hardy isn't pinch run for and Machado doesn't play shortstop for the first time ever and make a bad error.

    Way to go Eddie!

    1. He was originally a shortstop before he was promoted to the bigs, and he is one of the best defensive third basemen in the game, but yeah, probably a little rusty.

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