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2019 Game 24: Orioles @ Twins

That Houston series was "disappointing", per se, but after that first game, it just seemed like they let some good opportunities pass then by. The bullpen looked weak and the Twins' aggression at the plate began to look very exploitable.

As it turns out, facing the Orioles is the best medicine. Last night, Alex Cobb pitched like he's trying to top Bert's home run record by the All Star break, and the Twins took advantage. At the very least, this seems like a team that can beat a lesser opponent.

Today's opposing pitcher, Dan Straily, has been having any the same level of success as Cobb has -- that is to say, none at all. Hopefully, our batters can take advantage of that and hopefully Berrios has a tighter outing today than he has in his last few.

This seems like a very winnable game. Here's hoping it sticks to the script.

2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!

The Twins are coming off losing a fairly disappointing series against a very beatable Blue Jays team. Every game felt winnable, but they were only able to seal the deal once.

THANKFULLY, the Orioles seem as beatable, if not more so.

Let's see if Polanco can't continue his crazy run, and if they can't bring out the brooms for a doubleheader sweep today. Continue reading 2016 Games 17 & 18: Twins @ Orioles – Let’s play two!

2018 Game Number 1: Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles

Day game alert!

Jake Odorizzi


Dylan Bundy


Finishing at .500 would not be considered a success this year, would it? With that being the case, I wonder if we get 424 comments today?

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Game 86 Twins hosting O’s

With the win last night, it guarantees the Twins will be at or above .500 at the All Star Break.  I would have never guessed that during Spring Training.

Felix Jorge starts tonight. He showed enough in his last start to at least get a second and third try. Kevin Gausman o for the O's. In  his last 5 starts against the Twins, he has pitched 24 innings and surrendered 18 runs. I like our chances for a W tonight!

Game 43: Minnesota at Baltimore

J. Berrios

SSS, but 2-0, 0.59 ERA, 0.39 WHIP, 15:2 K:BB

.082/.167/.122 against ... nice.


C. Tillman

also SSS, but 1-0, 3.52 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 12:7 K:BB

.267/.348/.333 against


Game 1 featured offense. Game 2 featured defense. Game 3 features special teams combo platter? At 13-5, the Twins have the best road winning percentage in all of baseball. I suppose it goes without saying that 14-5 is better ... no?


2017 Game 41: Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles

Okay, I'm not sure what to type here. My last game log, I went off on an ill-advised bout of pessimism, and since then the Twins have continued playing some fairly decent ball. Obviously there's issues abound (like the starting pitching staff), but it's been nice to watch games and have a reasonable expectation that they might actually win.

Anyway, I still don't know how I should feel about this lteam. As AG noted today, the Twins have been in first place a total of 18 days this year. Between 2011-2016 they were in first place a combined 13 days. So, again, I'm not sure just exactly how I should be taking this team in, but for now I'll stop asking too many questions and just enjoy it.

Back to the game at hand: the Twins open up a 3-game series on Bawlmore before heading back home. Speaking of questionable starting pitching, Kyle Gibson lugs his giant ERA back to the majors as Hughes is put on the shelf with "right arm soreness". Gibby wasn't able to win any games down on the farm either, but it appears he pitched a little better than when he was last up. The O's counter with Ubaldo Jimenez who, while generally struggling over the past few years, has never really had any problems smacking the Twins around (2.49 ERA and 75 strikeouts over 11 appearances).

Oh, and Escobar is DHing again for some reason.
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2016 Series 1 Recap: Orioles 3, Twins 0

Different year, same start. Twins once again are swept in the opening series. It would be easy to say it worked out okay for them last year, but it didn't really. Yes they performed better than expected but they finished three wins behind the Astros. If they instead had swept the Tigers to start the season they would have at least had a playoff game.

I watched barely any of the games and had the radio on for only a plurality of the time so I'm going to fill in the bad and good from the boxscores.

Four negatives from the series:

  • Run scoring. Obviously they did better than last year, improving their runs scored by 500%. It is nonetheless difficult to win when you top out at two runs.
  • Strikeouts. The batters struck out 35 times but walked only six times. All six walks happened in the second game.
  • Dozier not starting well. He finishes the series with a 0.083 OPS. He had one walk in 13 PAs.
  • Not pinch hitting for Suzuki in game two. He's the only other player without a hit and he reached base only once.

Three positives from the series:

  • Run prevention. Giving up only 3.67 runs a game bodes well for willing. AL teams averaged 4.4 runs a game in 2015.
  • Mauer starting well. He had a home run to center and has a nice 1.021 OPS after three games.
  • Escobar starting well. He had a double in each game and two in the opener. He has a 1.167 OPS after three games.