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2024 Game Log 16 – Twins at Orioles

Twins a not nice 6-9 headed into the second game against the Orioles in Baltimore. Baltimore is definitely one of those teams hard to root against. Were terrible for many years but slowly built a team and organization that looks like it could be a force for a couple of years.

Grayson Rodriguez up the Orioles and he's one of those young guys a team can really build around. Tall, a fastball that hits upper 90's with a nice slider to keep hitters honest. Only 24 years old too. Over a strikeout per inning so Twins may have a hard time not adding to their league leading strikeout totals. Chris Paddock on for the Twins and he's done ok this year. Hopefully we can go further than the 5th inning this outing.

Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" surefire winner: Buxton HR/SO total=3

First Pitch at 5:35p

game 81: halfway there

The end of this game will mark the halfway point of the season. Bullpen insanity aside (seriously. Falvine needs to fix the bullpen... Like.... Yesterday), it's hard to deny that it's gone better than we expected. The White Sox are hurt and still hilariously managed by Tony LaRussa. The Clevelanders are dangerous, but they don't get to face our bullpen every game the rest of the season. And we've still got this guy...

Today, the Sonny Gray takes the mound to try to fend off the Orioles. Gray's been great so far this season, and this kind of looks like a mismatch on paper with Baltimore countering with a not all that good Jordan Lyles. Maybe our lineup doesn't believe is Jeremies. Let's hope.

2022 Game 26: Twins at Orioles

I recall several years ago when the Twins were good and we would go on these fairly long winning streaks, but we also managed to limit our losing streaks to no more than a few games. That trend seems to be repeating so far this year, with the team's longest winning streak hitting seven games, and their longest losing streak ending after two mere defeats. We had four of those two-game losing streaks in the first two weeks of the season, and none since. The pitching staff has been outstanding, the offense is scoring more than four runs a game, and the defense has been solid. One has to wonder, just based on historical precedent,  when the feces will eventually  impact the rotary oscillator. We're already starting to see some injuries whittling into the roster, and I guess if that's what it takes to get a guy batting .090 out of the lineup I'll take it. But despite my natural inclinations I'm trying cockeyed optimism on for size. Maybe this will be the year after all.

Chris Archer on the mound tonight for the Twins, he's in his tenth major league season. He has no decisions in four starts, a respectable 2.93 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, and 14 strikeouts. He needs to limit the walks, he's given 9 free passes so far, but otherwise the status quo is just fine by me.

Baltimore sends Spenser Watkins out to sling for the final matchup of this four-game series. He also has no decisions in four starts, a 2.55 ERA and 1.25 WHIP with 8 strikeouts. The only Twins hitter to ever face Watkins is Gio Urshela, who faced off with him once and did not record a hit.

Play ball!

2022 Game Log 24- Twins at Baltimore

So we're back in the Minnesota men's sports abyss. Twolves out of the playoffs after coughing up three 4th quarter double digit leads. The Wild puke up a 0-4 loss in their first playoff game. Vikes look intent on winning between 7-9 games a season. Even the newest team in the market, the Loons, seem to have embraced their Minnesota mens sports team legacy of practicing competent mediocrity. But wait, what about the Twins? Could it be it's the Minnesota Twins that get us out our doldrums? After a slow start, the Twins have won 10 of 11 and look to have a pretty decent pitching staff. Perhaps it's the Twins that take us to the promise land after a 30 year wandering in the sports abyss desert.

Speaking of decent pitching staff, Joe Ryan on the mound tonight with his 1.17 ERA, 0.70 WHIP, 25 Ks versus 6 walks stat line. Ryan appears to be the real deal could be a staff ace for years to come. Bruce Zimmerman up for the Orioles but this team is already in tank mode so any numbers he or any pitcher puts up seems silly to discuss.

Game time 6:05.

Twins Lineup:
CF - Buxton
SS - Corea
2B - Polanco
3B - Urshek
1B - Miranda
DH - Shanchez
RF - Kepler
C - Jeffers
LF - Celestino