32 thoughts on “Game 141: Twins @ White Sox”

  1. Sounds like the fourth was kind of perfect storm of bad pitching, bad defense, and bad luck. Some balls were hit hard, but also a lot of grounders that found holes, plus an error and a missed cutoff man.

  2. To paraphrase somebody or other, the White Sox have that field so messed up that now nobody can play on it.

  3. I feel confident that the Sox will blow this game. It's very similar to the feeling I'd get late in the previous couple years when the Twins would get an early lead.

    1. According to Statcast, Buxton covered 57.43 feet on the play, reaching a maximum speed of 18.9 mph.

      His first step happened in 0.48 seconds, and his route efficiency was rated at 98.1 percent.

      I have no idea what this means, but it sounds impressive.

    1. And yet, isn't Vargas bigger? I'm pretty sure I've seen him traverse the dugout post-HR and seen someone not look up to him. Certainly in spring training there was a doppelganger of his there.

      1. I haven't seen Vargus so up close and personal, so I can't speak to that. Sano definitely isn't the largest person I've ever seen. It's just... not sure how to describe. He just looks so powerful.

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