29 thoughts on “Game 142: twins @ sox”

  1. A reminder for those who only ever watch twins games and think that Chris Sale is a scrub.

    He's actually one of the best pitchers in baseball.

    1. This is the sixth time he's faced the Twins this year. Somehow he had a 6.30 ERA entering today's game and a 1-3 record. Twins:Yankees::Sale:Twins.

      Surprisingly, he's done worse against one other team: the Rays. He's 0-2 with a 6.75 ERA but in half the innings.

  2. Thanks to the generosity of the Sox and Rhu_Ru, I'm enjoying another Twins game. However, the assigned seats seemed a little stuffy, so I'm came back to the same seats as yesterday.

  3. I love it when the twins play sale
    I nearly went up to the game today, but it was a little to impulse for my sprnfing. After the first, I'm regretting it now

      1. I know, the "K zone for Sale" seats were only $15 each. And they were pretty good I thought. I just couldn't pull the trigger. But I hope the Sox do the promotion again next year, and I'll plan accordingly.

        Besides, it would be nice to try to get a mini-caucus up there.

    1. As I heard the radio broadcast talk about that play at home, I couldn't help but think "Oh, the White Sox fans are not going to look kindly on this."

  4. On the one hand, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to let Gibson settle for seven innings and not put any more strain on his arm. On the other hand, you sure don't want to give the White Sox an opening to try to come back.

  5. Take out that first inning from the last game, Gibson is Good Gibson.
    Even with that inning, its been a nice run.

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