Game 157: Twins at Cleveland

Gibson (10-11, 3.96 ERA, 4.02 xFIP) vs. Anderson (6-3, 3.31 ERA, 4.43 xFIP)

Gibson's coming off his shortest and possibly worst outing of the season against this very Cleveland team. Hopefully he's got a mind for some revenge tonight as the Twins are going to need all the wins they can get since those other frickin teams keep not losing. Since the bullpen has been shaky of late, it'd be great to get a good 7-8 innings.

Opposite Gibson is the rookie Cody Anderson, owner of a shiny 3.31 ERA and a less shiny 4.43 xFIP. He's had some trouble striking guys out with just under 5 K's/9, so on paper this looks like a pretty good matchup for the Twins. It would also be nice if they could find the time to score in more than just one or two innings.

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  1. What? Rain delay?! I got half an hour left of waiting for archery class to finish. I was banking on watching the game.

  2. If Sunday matters, this will mess up the rotation. That would've been Gibson's turn again. Now he'll either have to go on short rest, which seems unlikely, or it'll be whichever of Milone and Hughes doesn't pitch Saturday. Of course, the Twins need to win some games between now and then, or it'll be irrelevant.

    1. I believe that Pelfrey is who is lined up for a potential game 163. Oh boy.

            1. Announce the starter as Pelfrey, after first pitch, pull him for Berrios. Or, to be more devious, announce Milone to get the opposing team to load up on righties and then bring in Berrios.

              1. Realistically, starting Pelfrey and then pulling him first time through the order, or at most second time, and then bringing in Milone to face a left-handed heavy lineup in the middle innings would be a great strategy in a game that's a must win and you don't have better starting options. Pelfrey has been hit much harder the more teams face him and Milone has done well against left-handed hitters.

      1. I think if they have a 163 they'll make Santana go no matter what, because his season is done then.

        1. Santana might do a Baumgarner and come out of the bullpen, but won't start after starting Friday. If there's a three-way tie, one team will wait to play the winner of Game 163 between the other 2, so the Twins could have a day off and then play their own Game 163. In that case, Duffey could start on normal rest.

    1. But 87 pitches through five. Hoping for a quick sixth so he can go at least seven. And there's the complication about him possibly starting Sunday.

      1. I think at this point you have to go all out to win each game and worry about the next one when it comes. Not to the point of risking injury, of course, but I think we're past the time of trying to rest people or save them for later.

  3. So this mlb tv subscription came in damn handy this game. I streamed the radio feed through my car on my commute home.

      1. I am convinced 3 drunk guys with DirecTV and a cell phone could get just as many calls right in half the time.

  4. I wonder if anyone is developing a base that can sense when pressure is applied to it. Like on that Pelfrey play, the base could sense who hit first .

  5. Why can't the angels have the decency to lose a friggin game. And why can't the Indians realize their season is frickin over

    1. Why didn't Molitor have the decency to start Hughes (who was/is clearly available) instead of Mike "dumpster fire" Pelfrey?

    1. Can't say I'm that upset about it. The game was already lost and he has to be very rusty. The five strikeouts in two innings is encouraging.

        1. ... If I'm being honest, I don't know how I feel about this. I'm not a big "Unwritten Rules" guy, but it's a homerun in the home half of a game you have well in hand, against a pitcher who hasn't seen game action in like four months, and you're posing and flipping the bat like you walked off the '27 Yankees. Just put your head down and run the bases.

          1. I just watched it. I'm reserving judgment on this until tonight. I have no problem with yelling at the guy, its not like it started a brawl or anything (and reading Suzuki's lips was pretty funny), since the Twins are in the thick of a playoff race and I imagine that'd put a team in more of a competitive mindset than a meaningless game. Plus, as bad as Ramirez has been this year (72 OPS+!), it does make him look like an asshole.

            So, I'm reserving my judgment to see if anyone gets thrown at tonight.

            1. The Twins don't need to be throwing at anybody. Their focus needs to be on winning the ball game. That's the best way to get revenge, anyway.

              1. Agreed, and I think they will take that route. That said, there was a quote I saw from Nolasco last night that "[Ramirez] will get what's coming to him."

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    the ultimate honors ... ? really guys? Really!?!?!?!?

  7. So, at this point, we all become Rangers fans. In order to catch the Rangers, the Twins would need to win out, and the Angels would need to win out, and that just gives us a tie. So let's hope the Rangers go ape crap on the Angels and the Royals let us have a few at home.

    Oh,and go Diamondbacks!

      1. Never happened before the Astros switched to the AL to make things even. However, with 15 teams in each league, there has to be at least one Interleague game played each day that all teams are playing.

    1. Only a game behind the Angels. If Rangers lose tonight, Angels can tie Rangers by winning 3 of 4. Twins can tie then if they win out. It would be a three-way tie for two spots and that doesn't include the Astros, who could get in on that as well or even pass everyone if they win tonight and rest of their games, but still a three-way tie for final wildcard. If Rangers win tonight, there's no way for the Angels and Rangers to tie. Rangers are leading Tigers 6-2, so it doesn't look good for that scenario. Rangers will be leading Angels by 3 games with 4 to play if they hold on tonight. Angels have to sweep to pass the Rangers. We need Astros to do well to keep Rangers interested is they win one of the first two games. We don't want Rangers to clinch the division and then rest their players to get ready for the playoffs. So we probably want the Rangers to win tonight even though that will keep them further ahead of the Twins.

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