Game 97: twins @ red sox

I like old ballparks. I mean, I like unique ballparks in general, but the crazy angles and quirks of Fenway make it look like something out of a different era. This is not a major league ballpark, it's a relic, and that's kind of awesome. Target Field and Petco and the post-Camden parks are great places to catch a ballgame, but there's something pretty cool about Fenway.

Nolasco vs. Price doesn't seem like a particularly good matchup for Twins fans, but who knows? Price doesn't throw a knuckleball, and Nolasco might let them hit it into the hands of our defense...but he might win anyway!

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Triples - Buxton - t-7th (4)
Walks - Mauer - t-3rd (54)*
Strikeouts - Sano - t-9th (94)
Stolen Bases - Núñez - 3rd (23)
Singles - Núñez - t-6th (77)
Hit By Pitch - Dozier - t-7th (7)
Sacrifice Bunts - Buxton - t-10th (3)
Sac Flies - Núñez - t-5th (5)
Sac Flies - Dozier - t-8th (4)
Intentional Walks - Mauer - t-3rd (8)
Caught Stealing - Santana - 1st (8)*
Caught Stealing - Núñez - t-4th (6)
Steal Success % - Núñez - 10th (79.31%)
Power/Speed - Núñez - 5th (15.8)

  • I've been worried about Mauer, but this, at least, is an encouraging sign
  • Successful 11 times. Well past time to put up a stop sign.

BB/9 - Nolasco - 7th (1.962)
Games Pitched - Pressley - t-2nd (47)
Complete Games - Santana & Hughes - t-4th (1)
Shutouts - Santana - t-2nd (1)
Hits Allowed - Nolasco - 5th (130)
Earned Runs Allowed - Nolasco - 6th (64)
Wild Pitches - May - t-3rd (8)*

  • I still find this funny. A reliever, who's missed time... 3rd in a counting stat (a negative one, but still)

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      1. Up here too - and just found that a window in the office is leaking ... well, technically not the window, the trim . We had this leak "repaired" by the installer a couple years ago due to water getting past the topside window trim/siding convergence. Only noticed it then because the interior trim & sill were swelling and splitting. We don't spend much time in the home office. Today, there was actual water dripping off the blinds (of course they're wood too... of course they are).

        I toweled everything off and the wind-driven rain has ceased, so hopefully no more damage today. However, I can only imagine how much moisture is in the wall, considering how many strong storms we've had this year. Also, the installer has retired and didn't have anyone buy the business. So I got that going for me.

  1. You know, Molitor should get some credit for playing the infield in during the ninth inning yesterday, because it was not an obvious decision. If Ortiz had bounced a ball through the hole, the Red Sox would've won the game and every second-guesser around would've said that, with the bases loaded and none out, they should've conceded the tying run and played for the double play. I understand why Molitor didn't do that, and obviously it worked perfectly, but it wasn't a no-brainer by any means.

    1. Agree. I was worried it would backfire when it was set up, but pumped when it paid off.

    1. Make it 9-for-14 after another hit and another double play. Price has retired 6 batters in 3 innings (3 outs via Nunez thrown out trying to stretch a single to a double plus 2 double plays).

  2. Provus and Dazzle are talking about the Twins not having a long man in the bullpen as if it was just bad luck, as if there was nothing the Twins could do about it.

        1. Eh, I think off the bat he thought it was going to LF, because he went to cover 3B like he would in that case. It was a misread, and I can understand that for someone who hasn't been playing enough in his position lately...

      1. They went to a more dynamic Gameday. It will change depending on the size of the browser window. Could be also so it could be different for a mobile screen, although that could hurt the Atbat app.

        1. I did not notice content changing with the width of my window (I often run GameDay in a separate window side-by-side with the wgom).

    1. I believe you have to type in the URL. I can't remember what the code is but I'm fairly certain the Google Machine can help you.

    1. Sitting here waiting for Cory to explain that to him ... or say anything at all. Haven't heard Gladden be this obtuse in quite awhile.

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