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2016 Game 162 – Gemini vs. Laundry

First pitch 2:10 p.m. Central

Jose Berrios (2-7, 8.61 ERA, 46 K, 1.913 WHIP )
Chris Sale (17-9, 3.21 ERA, 227 K, 1.026 WHIP)

A summary of the Twins' 2016 season, in Tamarian:
Kira at Bashi. Gemini; Uzani, his army when the grass grows. The beast at Tanagra. Kadir beneath Mo Moteh, Kiteo his eyes closed. Zima and Bakor. Zinda, his face black, his eyes red. Shaka, when the walls fell. Darmok on the ocean - Kiazi's children, their faces wet. Sokath, his eyes open. Kailash, when it rises. Darmok and Jalad on the ocean.

Play ball!

Game 159: Twins at Royals

A loss today breaks the Twins record of 102 losses in a season.

In franchise history, only the 1904, '07, '09 and '49 Senators have lost more than 102 ballgames in a season.

In franchise history, the current team sits in 7th place with a losing winning % of .354 ...

Over the past 6 seasons (including 2011), the team is 404-564, accumulating a .417 W-L% over that time.

Only 7 teams in franchise history have allowed more runs than the current squad (873), and I thoroughly expect them to move into 5th place (>880) or perhaps 4th (>889) on that inauspicious list by close of business Sunday.

Kyle Gibson v. Danny Duffey.

On the broadcast last night, Bert suggested Gibson needs a good outing to get his ERA below 5, as if there's some psychological benefit to having a high-4's ERA v. anything above 5. Yeah .... okay.

Game 157: Twins at Royals

I wrote my first 2016 game log at the Amsterdam Airport, now my last at the Phoenix Aiport. Lest you think I'm a world traveler, these are the only two times out of Minnesota in the past year.

I don't think back in Amsterdam I would've guessed that this post would be seeing the Twins sitting in 100 losses  I wasn't super bullish on the club, but man has this year been tough

Jose Berrios on the mound against a Royals club that also has had a disappointing season