40 thoughts on “February 24, 2017: Remembrance of things past”

  1. Sleep took me by surprise last night. I vaguely remember typing the date in a fog, and must have passed into sleep just after.

    It's just as well. It was probably going to reference the big storm that was coming today, which is...no longer going to hit the Cities. My dad in Blue Earth is probably in the thick of it, though.

    1. Town where we live = no snow. Town 11 miles south where Philosofette teaches = 2 hour late start because of snow.

    2. New Ulm - no snow
      20 miles south where I am - 2 to 3 inches (but drifts measured in knee length!)
      Fairmont (20ish miles south of me) - 8 to 9 inches and semi jackknifing on the interstate.

        1. Fake weather. sad!

          I was hoping this storm would miss me. I have projects at the park that need starting and the run of 60 degree weather firmed the soil enough so I could drive a truck on the grass.

  2. I have to go back and look, but I think either tomorrow night or Sunday night Uranus will be within the same binocular view as Mars. With the seasonal allergies slamming me, not sure I feel up to dragging out the telescope, but I'll at least give the binoculars a try.

    1. And just after Mars had a dalliance with Neptune being very close. I read that you can see Venus in a crescent through binoculars but it's been too cloudy in the evenings for me to get a good view. I tried once but then the 3-year-old wanted a look and spent the rest of the time exploring the world close(r) up.

      1. I tried once but then the 3-year-old wanted a look and spent the rest of the time exploring the world close(r) up.

        I relate soooooo much to this. In my good moments, I tell myself my 3-year-old is giving me many opportunities to cultivate patience and notice things I'd ordinarily overlook. And then there are the times when I'm like, "Stop stomping on ice in the driveway and just get in the damn car already, it's cold and I need to get you to daycare so I can go to work!"

  3. I tuned in to the Clippers/Warriors game midway through the 2nd quarter. Warriors looked awful, missing shots, turning the ball over, giving up fast break layups and dunks.

    And then the third quarter happened.

    Steph Curry might have a future in the NBA.

  4. Woohoo! My Internet is back up. We had a massive rain (wtf?) storm last night that knocked out pretty much all forms of communication. I had to drive home in it at about 12:30 last night and man, that was bananas for February.

    1. That's fantastic. I really wish something would have happened with the Wyatt Family. Instead, after years of potential it turned into Randy Orton, the only guy less interesting than Cena.

      1. Yeaaahhhh...I mean, something's kind of happening right now, but I guess I expected bigger fireworks. Erick Rowan's injury probably didn't help with whatever direction they wanted to go.

      1. I'm just going to observe that KBR's official statement seems to imply they'd be fine with a bunch of OIF/OEF vets starting open-pit burns next to their corporate offices & homes of senior officials.

    1. As you might imagine, I've been following these issues closely. Me/my agency was/is in contact with members the MN CODEL regarding the legislation noted in the article.

      Cancer is a rabid, heartless bitch.

      1. I figured you had been monitoring this issue, even if you weren't directly in contact with vets who'd been exposed. I can't begin to imagine the anger & heartbreak those folks are going through.

    1. Maybe they should try this approach with their organizational rankings and see if there's a difference. #6org

    2. Well, to the degree that the people filling out the projections represent a passionate, informed community.

      (Not that I really doubt the limited or null value brought by such a survey.)

      1. Also, it's no fair comparing to actual win totals. We all know that [my team] was screwed over by [MLB/umpires/bad luck/weather/God/FSM/a Goat/etc.] and that [hated team] was boosted by [MLB/umpires/good luck/weather/God/FSM/etc.] and therefore my predictions are really more accurate than the win totals reflect when you're talking about how good the teams really were.

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