13 thoughts on “April 1, 2017: Fools”

  1. On the jersey/shirsey front:

    'Game Day' SelectShow
      1. Indeed. Especially because it was clearly a local (or at least European)

  2. It's been awhile since I grabbed some and it's been a long week, so I walked to the local distributor to get a sixer. Was going to grab something simple, but then I eyed the pick 6/$10 sampler rack. The haul: 3 Todd The Axe-Mans, 2 Dead Guys, and 1 Abrasive.

  3. The funeral this morning was much tougher than I anticipated. It kind of wiped away the memories of grandpa being a body who was just going on living, and brought us back to when he was really living. I miss him more than ever, but he had a very good life.

    1. I didn't have an opportunity to comment when he passed, but it sounds like your grandpa and mine shared a bit in common. My grandpa also gave up drinking cold turkey (in the mid 70s) and also loved him some twins baseball. Sorry for the loss, spoonto. I hope the memorial was cathartic at the least.

  4. nice -- Runner daughter pointed out that Cartoon Network has added googlie eyes to the main characters of their entire daytime schedule for April Fools Day

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