48 thoughts on “October 1, 2017: At Season’s End”

  1. I sadly didnt watch much baseball this year besides April and September and it's the first year since 2000 I didn't attend a game.

    I did get to watch live the back to back walkoff jacks by Rosario and Buxton. In fact, every big hit by Buxton filled me with joy. Was it this year, too, that Buxton scored from first on a single to left?

  2. I have 4 tickets to today's game if anyone wants them. I know they're in sets of two but not sure they are all 4 together. Anyway if anyone is interested email me at eschapp at the Google mail and I can shoot them your way.

  3. It is almost certainly a mammalian meat allergy for Sour Cream. She is devastated. She's already talking about best case scenario and when it may recede, as it apparently often does.

    She can still eat fish, but I can't. Chicken it is!

    1. I've always liked that. My favorite was the year when the Twins finally passed the Tigers on closing day, winning their game while scoreboard-watching as well.

  4. That amazing game against the O's and the one where they hit 7 homers, one in each of the first 7 innings. Those were the two games I was at this year. Just awesome.

    1. That's some good luck. My first two games this season featured Gimenez pitching, so it's been a nice improvement the last few months.

    2. I've mentioned it at least twice, but one of the handful I attended was Joe's first walk-off homer. A couple years ago I was at the Dozier comeback. I've been to the Bullseye like ten times ever.

  5. My favorite moment was the Rosario-induced balk against the Brewers because I was sitting just behind third base and explained what was going to happen about ten seconds before it happened. It was fun seeing something like that developing in slow motion.

  6. I gave up any playoff hopes after that West Coast trip of walk offs and we were like 7 back of first and kind of buried in the WC. I love baseball so I was still going to watch, but at a distance. Then that sweep of Milwaukee happened and the Twins bludgeoned opponents in August. That was just fun! N ow we are playing with house money and this team goes down as one of the better seasons in recent history.

  7. It's not a single moment but a single thing -- the resurgence of Joe Mauer: .305/.385/.418/.801 with a 115 OPS+ and Gold Glove caliber defense. In the second half, he was .322/.408/.431/.839.

    1. Not enough for the guy seated behind me yesterday.
      Told him to go home and play for the Saints... if they'd even take him.

  8. My favorite moment this season was when I said the Twins were going to get schwifty with a game, and then they did. That game was a lot of fun to watch.

    1. 80 degrees half the night and 60 degrees half the night. It averages out to a comfortable temperature.

  9. Only 12 teams had a winning record this season; I wonder if it's right up there for smallest percentage of winning teams in a season. The Brewers and Cardinals were the only two winning teams to make the playoffs. I don't know if anyone cares about this kind of fact, but I find it neat.

    1. I'm curious what the absolute lowest possible number is? (Someone who knows math, help us out here?)

      1. With interleague play, I'm sure that the answer is 1. Let's say that every other team in the league is 80-82. That's a total of 58 games under .500. You get one team to go 110-52 and you have it.

          1. Yes, that's true. Everyone could have the exact same record. Except....

            Then there would be tie breaking games and those are regular season contests.

            1. Of course, if everyone was 80-82, there would be some tie-breaking contests, too. So, if every division winner was 81-81, the two wildcards were 80-82, and everyone else was 79-83, the Twins would have to go 129-33.

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