NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

Ehh, why not?

A post for masochists and for those to stop by and tell us they're not watching. 😉

38 thoughts on “NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles”

      1. If it's about a guy or gal who repeatedly has to fit a bunch a large amount of items in a finite space, like a trunk or pantry or refrigerator, I am in.

          1. I doubt that with the licensing fees needed for the name that it could be a subtle indie film with so much of the communication unspoken, but it should be.
            The kind of thing where at the end there's maybe half a resolution because he's got to unpack and repack the trunk because something was forgotten.
            And my wife goes "Why did you make me spend 3 hours watching this?" but I'm crying.

  1. This has been the first Vikings I've watched all year. Seems familiar to the Denny Green years.

    1. If the Vikes can't have anything good, why should the Eagles?
      Go Pats! (and we can forget this ever happened).

  2. Both games were my fault. I turned on the TV and they were reviewing whether or not the Jags had forced a fumble and recovered after already being up by ten.
    I didn't watch the beginning of the Vikings game as I was getting dinner ready, but HPR shouted that the Vikings had a quick TD.
    So I saw the two teams I preferred get outscored 0-52 in the approximate five quarters I watched.

    1. I was in Florida during the first game and enroute to Minnesota during the second. I'll take the blame.

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