25 thoughts on “Super Bowl LII: Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots”

  1. I posted this on FB a few months back. My ideal SB halftime show.

    Stadium is completely black then out all of a sudden, those classic words ring out: “Everybody’s heard about the bird, bird bird bird, the bird is the word” the lights explode and it’s Bob Mould singing Surfin' Bird backed by old school Minnesota garage rockers like The Trashmen, Lyres, etc. There are loons and bald eagles flying all over the stadium (may have to be holograms).

    Then the crowd is enticed to do the slow clap Skol! Chant and as it ramps up the first sounds of “Ah-Ah-Aaaaah Ah!” fill the stadium and Dave Pirner backed by Suicide Commandos, Hypstrz, Flamin’ Ohs etc kick into a very meaty version of Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song. Images of Vikings pillaging, snowy tundras fill the screen.

    Time to bring it down a notch as Gary Louris comes out to do a Dylan medley (with Laurie Line on piano). Blowing in the Wind, (with images of HHH from 1948 Democratic convention giving his impassioned Civil Rights speech), Like a Rolling Stone, and then of course Knocking on Heaven’s door. Trampled by Turtles, Pert Near Sandstone also on stage.

    As the last notes of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door fade away the stadium is awash in purple. A white screen goes up and there’s an image of someone behind it with a “glyph guitar.” On the side are members of Atmosphere and Doomtree laying down a cool hip-hop version of Purple Rain and Dessa and Lizzo are on stage in a rap battle with the lyrics. The whole time there is the shadowed image behind the white screen laying down a killer guitar track. The whole stadium is now signing “Purple Rain Purple Rain” and it starts raining in the stadium. No one knows where it’s coming from, but it’s raining. Just then as the song is reaching its crescendo, the screen drops and it’s freaking Prince! He’s not dead. The place is now going ape-shit and all the other performers join the stage singing Purple Rain (is that Dylan in the back? Where did he come from?).

    No one leaves and the NFL decides to cancel the second half. The whole show ends 2 hours later as Paul Westerberg and the crowd sing an a cappella version of I Want to Drive the Zamboni. No one knows when Prince left the stage or what happened to him.

    1. ...decides to cancel the second half... And all future seasons..
      ....or what happened to him...And he was never seen again, though reports arise of sighting every now and then, and every few years a great pop song by an up-and-comers is rumored to have been written by a "Mr. Nelson".

      1. I've had to listen to my best friend extol the virtues of Tom Brady and the Patriots all weekend. I actually like football and enjoy NFL football, but if free's scenario were the pregame show, that would really be best case scenario.

    2. as Paul Westerberg and the crowd sing an a cappella version of I Want to Drive the Zamboni

      that's Spamtown native Martin Zellar's song, btw. Why not have him sing it?

  2. I guess if I were to choose a team to win I'd go with the Eagles because they haven't had a trophy.

    But I just want a decently played game.

    And my beers to taste good.

    And my food to be hot.

      1. Really? I put in NE 5 PHI 4 in a free something at the office which might not even hav a prize.

  3. Nick Foles has made some MVP throws tonight. Wow (although that last one is not going to be a touchdown)

      1. He took 3 steps before diving into the end zone. I couldn't believe the announcers were thinking it would be overturned. The only reason I had any doubt is because it would be a critical late-game call in the postseason going against the Patriots.

  4. I missed the last couple minutes of the game because the Hulu feed went down. I was not happy. I hadn't paid attention until there were about 4 minutes left. They had just confirmed the Eagles' TD when the feed went down. And of course, I'm in the L.A. market, so not good for Hulu.

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