10 thoughts on “February 4, 2018: Road Team”

  1. I met the brother of the guy who's heart is in Rod Carew on the carnival parade route Friday night. He told me that when his brother was 12 he met Carew at an Angles meet and greet and told had a conversation about playing professional sports, and that after the conversation he dedicated himself to getting on to a pro team. The whole story is beautiful and awful, but mostly beautiful (and kind of awful).

  2. I'm still newish at snowblowing. I need to rank my driveway strategy so I'm not blowing the stuff into the wind while I'm also walking in that direction. Got a pretty good beard full of snow just now.

    1. I know this dance. I would prefer to blow the snow up into my front yard, but that’s the direction the wind is always blowing from. There’s a side yard between our house & our neighbors’ driveway, but the two-stage will blow the snow clear into their driveway if I turn it that direction. So I’m almost always blowing straight ahead, and even then I’ll get some blowback. Going down the driveway it’s okay, but I have to get creative coming back up; there’s not really a good place to direct the chute.

  3. Today:
    - Wood Stork
    - Great Blue Heron
    - American Alligator
    - Little Blue Heron
    - Great Egret

    Most entertaining was the flock of five White Ibis sauntering between the gas pumps at 7Eleven. Btw, the crows here sound like "mawh"

    1. Is that different than your home crows?
      I posted a link to Fish Crow sounds on yesterday's COC.

  4. Ex-Twins news: It appears that Bartolo Colon has agreed to terms with the Texas Rangers on a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

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