58 thoughts on “April 13, 2018: 2000”

    1. So…I have tickets to this concert!

      I had a work week in NYC this week. However, a couple days ago I clumsily turned my ankle walking to the office. Throughout the day it got worse and the next morning it was really bad. Yesterday I pulled the plug, changed my flight to get back home right away (and before the blizzard), went into the doctor and confirmed my black-and-blue foot was a terrible sprain, but not a break. Crutches and RICE for a week.

      The biggest thing keeping me from making this call was not work and the 40-odd people I was to be socializing with, but the tickets my good friend and I had to that damn concert. Alas.

      Sometime in the future I think I'll be doing the "fly to see Sturgill" thing as well. Sadly that version will probably not include Prine.

    1. We're about an hour and a half into an all-day blizzard. I am grateful that: a) it's not supposed to be a three-day blizzard; b) for all the grief we give weather forecasters, people have had plenty of warning for it. Most schools had already called off last night, before anything had even started. No one has an excuse for being surprised by this; c) now that so many power lines are buried, there's less chance of a power outage. It still could happen, of course, but when I was young it would've been pretty much a certainty.

    2. My dad and stepmom were going to drive up and stay for the weekend. It's been planned for weeks. My stepmom rarely leaves her hometown and has never been to a home of ours. She just doesn't get out. We were all kind of looking forward to this, but the impending blizzard is keeping them home.

    1. Souhan comes in for his share of the blame, and so do some others, but most of all I blame Twins management at the time. When all the garbage was being written and said, there was absolutely no pushback from the Twins. Gardy, Terry Ryan, Bill Smith, no one stood up and said this was a bunch of baloney. If anything, they encouraged it.

      1. I think concussions are better understood now, but he (and Mountie, and Koskie) took a lot of cr@p they shouldn't have if people knew what they do now. I'll also blame ii for his typical rabble rousing as well. I'm glad we didn't have to see him play through a concussion!

        Still, haters gonna hate.

        1. I agree that concussions are understood better now, but Twins management should've known Mauer well enough to take him at his word and not assume he was faking injuries.

    1. I'd like to see someone do a Moneyball study on how much more MLB could make if they optimized their schedule based on weather.

      Houston at Minnesota in April?!

      1. Problem there would be warm weather teams having 3-week road trips during the summer, which players would never go for and it would harm attendance for those teams who would have a bunch more home games when kids are in school and attendance is at its lowest.

  1. Adalberto Mejia was supposed to start for Rochester tonight but instead he is in Minnesota. Presumably he would've started tonight had there been a game.

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