June 4, 2018: Book Bingo

Skim, who has to be begged to read most of the time, is very excited by our family's summer book Bingo concept. I just hope she didn't spend more time designing her board than she will reading.

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  1. Our library district had a great program when Runner daughter was growing up; thankfully she still enjoys a good book.

    Speaking of books, Mrs. Runner and I checked out a Half Price Books shop that we hadn't been in before; they also had LPs and CDs, among other things, so I may see about recycling some of what I have lying around here. I saw at least one book that I'd like to own, and so did Mrs. Runner.

  2. Are there only eight teams playing today? That seems like a pretty small number, even for a Monday.
    Is this a scheduling anomaly, or is there a method to MLB's madness?

      1. Ha!
        I imagine it may have something to do with everybody playing on Memorial Day, but even so, was surprised to see it.

  3. Wow. Minnesota Gophers advance to the NCAA Super Regional in baseball for the first time since Molitor was playing. First time in John Anderson's coaching career.

  4. Paul Molitor pinch ran Adrianza for Grossman yesterday. Adrianza stumbled around third and was thrown out at home trying to score on a double and the Twins needed a walk-off homer from Rosario to win. However, according to STACAST's sprint speed data, Grossman is the third fastest player on the Twins, covering 27.8 feet per second. Adrianza is eighth, at 26.8. You would think this would be important information for the manager to have. This decision not only may have cost the Twins a chance to take the lead late in a game, if the Twins went extra innings, it would have left Adrianza as their DH with Garver and Petit as the only PH options and Bobby Wilson also still in the lineup.

  5. I had a blast with the japaleno and peperoncino at yesterday's game. Between trying to watch the what was happening on the field and watch my boys, I missed the game log entirely, but what an exciting end! The boys are just old enough that I thought we could take full advantage of Sunday Kids Days. We arrived quite early, and they got autographs from Petit and Adrianza before the game, they lasted the whole game (there was a moment where it was looking iffy; I revived them with ice cream*), and they were excited about running the bases afterward, so we got to go down onto the field as well.

    The jalapeno wanted to be near the outfield, and we sat in the left-field bleachers (section 130). Being on bleachers wasn't as uncomfortable as I feared it would be, and we had a great view of the action in the outfield. We were duly impressed by all of LaMarre's catches, and that diving catch by the Cleveland centerfielder was stunning. When Rosario came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth, it was really something to hear the whole crowd chanting "ED-DIE! ED-DIE!"

    *Pro tip: if your kid manages to dump the entire top portion of his ice-cream cone onto the ground, the usher for your section may just be able to arrange for you to get a free replacement cone.

    1. The home team sets game times, right? I wonder how many times the games have scheduled a night game the day before their opponent has a west coast game.

      1. The Angels are notorious for not scheduling day games to accommodate opponents and when teams are traveling West to East, it's even worse.

        1. Yeah, the angels are exactly the team I was thinking of when I thought of this. I seem to remember a number of times when the twins were quite unhappy about it.

  6. Twins draft Oregon State RF Trevor Larnach. A left-handed batting corner outfielder with a lack of speed. They must really like his bat.

    1. Really like it.

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