16 thoughts on “October 3, 2018: AL WC”

    1. Updated it a little. If there's a way to go back and see who won the 2015 Baseball league, I'm not sure of it.

      Also, did we do a World Cup bracket this year?

    1. I think he's valuable for this type of play-in game, where you don't need to bring 14 pitchers. For a full series it might be harder to swallow with all the bullpenning.

      1. I've never seen him at the plate (and according to his BBref page there's, uh, a pretty good reason for that), but was it really that awful?

        1. After faking being hit by a prior pitch - which caught home plate ump full on in teh shoulder - he was called back to finish the at-bat ... which he promptly ended by flailing poorly at a very low, and very outside ball 4.

    1. I'm still waiting until we use deadly force on the asteroid. It's payback time for all the impacts over the eons.

  1. I just discovered that Nine Inch Nails are performing in New Orleans (granted Trent Reznor lives in the Garden District) Thanksgiving weekend and I'm really, really close to getting permission from the boss.

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