46 thoughts on “January 7, 2019: Thibless”

  1. So I think most people here know that my youngest worked on the Tim Walz for Governor campaign since September of 2017. Was like the 4th/5th person hired. Basically ran a lot of their GOTV efforts.

    With the swearing of Governor Walz today, Charlie will officially become the Governor's "Body Man." Technically it's Senior Assistant to the Governor. Think Charlie from The West Wing or Pete from Veep.

    Heady stuff for a 23 year old.

    1. Does this mean FSN won't be able to superimpose ads on the wall in broadcasts?

      The junipers will be installed each March and removed at season’s end, to be stored locally within a nursery for winter care.

      That's a lot of work. The Twins must have really wanted greenery on that wall.

          1. Junipers include the locally-growing tree we know as "Eastern Red Cedar" (or "Redcedar", as it's not a true cedar, but a Juniper).
            There are ground-covering landscaping junipers. I'm sure there are wall-descending varietals.

    1. Looks like he's been really good the last two years, but hadn't done much of anything before that. He'll turn 34 in June. I don't know if he learned a new pitch or what, but something sure made him turn a corner.

      1. Actually, he was pretty good in '13 as well at age 28. He struggle in '14 and was released in May '15 by the Cubs but then re-signed but pitched in only 3 games all season so must have been injured. He signed with the M's in '16, struggled a little and was released before signing with the Yankees and finishing the season with them. In '17, he signed with the Angels and had his best year and then was pretty good last year but was nontendered by the Angels.

  2. I have never had to use the "panic" button on my key fob. However, I once again somehow set off my car alarm while exiting just now. The "panic" really stands for the panic you experience trying to a) find out which pocket your keys are in and b) find the quickest way to shut off the damn alarm before you look like a bigger fool. I swear I do this once a month (at least) and I am going to have a heart attack.

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