38 thoughts on “February 7, 2019: Departures”

  1. Speaking of departures, we’re headed to the homeland for a quick weekend family thing. Nola today 80* and 75% humidity. Msp, well most of you know what it’s like there today.

    1. Ugh, that's the second day of the MS150 so I'm not going to want to be attending standing around that evening. Otherwise I would probably be in.

  2. I have a question for Pepper. Are you familiar with "Little Owl's Night"?

    I have a question regarding the names of the characters

    1. Ooooh! I know it has a super-cute cover and got some very nice reviews. I haven't read it, but I just requested it at the library.

      Questions about children's books are pretty much what I live for.

        1. Mine called the bats "mama" for awhile because that's the page where he says "Mama, tell me again how night ends"

      1. And I want to show you the rainbow.*

        * This works better if I could remember the line from the "sequel".

          1. Funny you should mention that. Younger Daughter and I want to see They Shall Not Grow Old, the WWI documentary by Peter Jackson and I wanted to recommend it to anybody interested in military history and/or film restoration. It took four years to make the movie using mainly archived footage from the Imperial War Museum and a narration track culled from BBC recordings of British soldiers recounting their memories of the war.

            1. That one looks very cool. I anticipate getting it for Philosofette someday, as she'd very much appreciate it too.

            2. It's very high on my list of things to see in theaters.

              I go about once every 2 years. This is probably higher than Endgame (I didn't even see Infinity War on the big screen)

  3. I don't know who is on what team in the NBA.

    How about Teague for Ricky? (Don't give me any logic on why this won't happen.)

  4. Had to take daughter's new laptop back to Most Excellent Purchase store (Windows 10 conflict with sound driver or something -- nothing I could resolve) since sound quality was a major item and having no sound at all doesn't cut. When looking for other options besides the HP's Bang & Olufsen sound, the Answer Desk kid mentioned the Asus laptops have Harmon karr-DOAN speakers...

  5. Frank Robinson has died. A great player, a barrier breaker, a Cosby Show guest, and a man who cried about Matthew LeCroy.

  6. Griz trade Marc Gasol to Toronto, getting back Valanciunas and change.

    Huh. Gasol has a $25m player option for next year. Valanciunas also has a player option ($17.6m). Gasol is 34, but has shown no real decline. Valanciunas is 26. He is an efficient player and solid third option for a good team.

    1. Super Cool Beas and Zubac to Clips for Muscala, newly acquired from Philly. Huh.

      Also, what the hell happened to Greg Monroe? He was a consistent double-double guy for Detroit, but his minutes declined in Milwaukee, then he started bouncing around, and he fell out of the rotation in Toronto. Looks like the Nets plan to release him. He is only 28. He has averaged a very respectable 17/11 per 36 minutes in his career with decent ORtg and DRtg and above-average WS/48 before this season.

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