49 thoughts on “2019 Game 1: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins”

  1. I so hope Berríos figures out his mid-game issues from last year and ends them this year.

  2. Looks like Jake Cave and the Bad Dee flipped teams there on Gonzalez's double

  3. should I be comforted that Taylor Rogers is coming in? I have no recollection of him from last year.

    1. I feel like Molitor had a tendency to over use him the last couple years, so I find it humorous that you don't have much memory of him.

      1. Fresh start, man, fresh start. I'm in the best shape of my life, typing the ever-livin' fire out of the keyboard.

  4. I got home just in time to hop on the bike trainer and watch the new guys score some runs. Now I'm firing up the grill to make some steaks and I have a four day weekend ahead of me. Could be a good night as long as I don't turn on the wolves.

    1. The division might be there for the taking this year.

      (also a fun fact, my phone tried to autocorrect "there" in that sentence to Tyner.)

      1. I really think that all 5 members of our bench would have most likely started somewhere for the Indians today. That was a sorry looking lineup. When your best player is out, it is going to affect how the lineup looks, but yikes. The Indians have a better rotation than the Twins, but the Twins have the better lineup and bench. Is the difference between the lineups and bench greater than the rotations? We shall see, I guess. For one day, at least, it was.

      1. I’m so bummed I had just made plans for the first weekend of the Divisional series. Guess I’ll save money for the ALCS.

  5. I figured I’d start posting when I caught up (I couldn’t start for about 35 minutes) but the pitching was too efficient and things clipped along. Lovely start.

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