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2019 ALDS: Twins @ Yankees, Game 2

The other day I realized that three of the Twins' best players this year have been suspended now or in the past related to performance enhancing drugs. That seems like a high ratio.

Today the plan is for three Tanaka pitches to be suspended in the air for a long long time into the outfield seats.  I'll go with just Kepler though for my pick.

I don't have any thoughts or analysis on the game or matchup today. I just want to say I've enjoyed the hell out of this season and you guys make it better.

2019 Game 162: Fountains vs Lakes

Sorry for the half-baked game log, I’m doing it from my phone in Duluth. I’ve been a bit distraught about the injury to Arraez, but it sounds like maybe the ankle can be ready by Friday. One of the perks of winning the division, extra time to recover and prepare. I don’t know who is pitching today, it’s a meaningless game, and my team has done way more than I expected of them back in March. Now, if they can just do that in the playoffs. Play ball!

2019 American League Central Division Champions Hangover Game

We've got a "woof" of a lineup today, but who cares! The Twins are AL Central Champs! LaMonte Wade has never played at first base? Who cares! Schoop as DH? Who cares!! Who the heck is Ian Miller!? Who cares!!!

Seriously though, this has been an unexpected and awesome year. Congratulations to the Twins, to Rocco, to the front office, and all the people working behind the scenes to tweak the players into their best selves. I'm not going to speculate on the Twins' chances in the playoffs, but I can say it's been a great ride this year that far exceeded my expectations. We're playing with house money now, so I'm just going to lay back and enjoy. High fives (and aspirin) all around.

2019 Game 157 – Twins at Tigers

Last week of the season and the Twins should clinch the Central Division in the next day or so. Twins at the woebegone Tigers who have already lost 109 games. Hopefully the Twins get down to business and take at least two. Spencer Turnbull for the Tigers and has a 3-15 record, which is expected from a 109 loss team. Turnbull hasn’t had a Win since later May so here’s hoping he’s not due. Odorizzi on the mound and he’s been Twins most consistent pitcher and in 11 career starts, he's 5-1 with a 3.25 ERA against Detroit.

Game time at 5:40p and Cleveland at White Sox at 7:00p, so they will definitely be scoreboard watching in Chicago. C’mon Twins, let’s put this lousy team down so we can start chilling the Champagne.

Twins Lineup:
2B Arraez
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Gonzalex
3B Sano
RF Cave
CF Wade Jr.
C Castro

2019 Game 156: Strip Steaks vs. Hot Dish

I had a game log all ready to go, but instead of scheduling it I just left it open in a browser last night and when I tried to save it this morning the laptop seized and I lost it. And the dog ate my homework. And the check's in the mail.

One week of baseball to go. Seven games with a four game lead. Magic number of 4 (thanks, Phillies). I'm still all hunched over from that ninth inning nut punch the Royals delivered last night. I'm hoping for better today. We are off to celebrate my mother-in-law's 80th birthday with brunch, so it will be Gameday on the phone and radio for me today. Play ball!