35 thoughts on “Game 55: Twins at Rays”

  1. Im generally a pessimist - and generally the Minnesota sports teams live down to my expectations as do my Utah Jazz.

    I LOVE what this team is doing - but I fear its been a mirage that is about to be exposed. I hope I am wrong.

    1. BABIP and FIP are your friend. They're putting up big numbers while having middle of the road luck. It seems like it's more "we've got the guys we wanted and we're implementing a strategy we think will work".

        1. I think we are a lock for the division - don't think we will keep up the pace for the best record. But I have zero confidence we will do anything in October. I fear playoff games will look very much like what we are watching right now.

          1. When Geoff turns optimistic, it's time to head to the bomb shelter. So far, everything looks good.

  2. Daring to send Littell out for another inning. I think the right call, you're down by ten runs.

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